April 15th, 2019

Theme - Composting
Craft ideas, early science activities, musical games, outdoor activities, and other fun tools for teaching children all about composting.

Educatall Club
Stickers, a picture game, word flashcards, activity sheets, puppets, coloring pages, and so much more!

Grass cup faces
A great spring-themed project with a silly twist.

My very own globe
Prepare for Earth Day with this educational activity.

Recycling bin
A fun way to teach children what belongs in the recycling bin.

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Simple activities that will have young children chirping with happiness.

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Reinventing recycled items

Ideas that will put the contents of your recycling bin to good use.

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Mixtures and density
Discover which liquids are heavy, heavier, and heaviest.

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Can two objects occupy the same space?

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Colourful edible sand
Mix just a few simple ingredients and create loads of colourful fun!

Maple caramelized apples
Turn apples into an extra sweet treat!

Temporary dye
A fun color exploration activity for a rainy day.

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10 activities involving magazines

Packed with colors, letters, and pictures…magazines are worth recycling!

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Cleaning your yard

A few tricks that will encourage children to lend a hand.


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File folder games

Create four games with these inexpensive office supplies.


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