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This month, we are happy to share how we improve our customer's performance, safety and our factory modernization.



--------------- WHAT'S NEW

State-of-the-art Mass Timber Expansion

Sylvain Gilbert, owner and founder of the company, along with his son Frank Gilbert and nephew, Sebastien Gilbert are proud to announce the construction of a new building. The expansion of its head office in Roberval will be totally dedicated to employees as a lunch room, entertainment and social activities. As a family business, we felt it was important to have a place to gather.

The 6,500-square-foot expansion represents an investment of more than a million dollars. Work began in September 2020 and will be completed in early 2021. This new expansion is intended as a common living space. A place where the well-being of all employees is a priority," said Sylvain Gilbert.

Modern architecture emphasizes wood in many forms, which was natural since the company has been serving this industry in various ways since its beginnings. Moreover, the structure and ceiling of the hall will be built with mass timber beams from Nordic Chantiers Chibougamau, one of the company's customers.

We are really excited with this new step for us ! 

Welcoming Larry, our new rep, in Western USA and Canada

Gilbert is proud to introduce Larry Rabidue, our new Planermill Division Service and Parts Representative for the Western USA and Canada. Larry has over 32 years of skills and experience accumulated as a Planer Technician and Millwright. He also has many years of experience with the Gilbert Planer as he was the Lead Planer Millwright at Idaho Forest Group. Based in Idaho, USA, Larry will be an important bonus to our service and support team on the West Coast.

Larry will be available to meet with all our Gilbert Planer customers on a regular basis to help with training and after-sales support. He will also participate in all new planer installations and will be a local resource for all our new customers in the territory. He will visit customers and help promote all planer upgrades and improvements we have done over the past years.

We welcome you to reach out to Larry in the coming weeks!

Larry Rabidue
Service and Parts Representative – Planermill Division
(208) 597-1683

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A Safer New Planer at Produits Forestiers DG

In July 2020, Produits Forestiers DG installed a new Gilbert 6 Roll Planer.

The purchase of the new planer was to replace an existing machine by a new safe and fully automatic planer.

Produits Forestiers DG highly benefit from all the safety options installed on the machine.

Project Manager, Michael Turcotte cited, ‘’ with the Automatic Positioning System installed on our new planer, the operators never go near the machine in operation. Everything is controlled outside the planer room which makes it a safer environment. We change products in seconds with the servo motors installed on the planer. We joint heads remotely, outside the planer room, and have a high quality finish on our lumber. Gilbert has made their planer very easy to operate for everyone at the mill.’’

Gilbert is very thankful to be part of DG’s planermill upgrade project and look forward to many years of success together.


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--------------- WORLDWIDE NEWS

The fastest planer performances at Mercer Timber in Germany 

Last September, our service technician was on Mercer Timber Products site in Saalburg-Ebersdorf, Germany.

Watch how the Gilbert High Speed Planer ran at impressive feed rates, achieving the fastest performances in the world : over 200 lugs per minute on 5 meter lumber (16,5 feet).


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--------------- FEATURED UPGRADES

Gilbert Splitting Module

Gilbert offers splitting modules to all its models of planers and also, other brand planers.
The boards are planed on four sides in the planer, than split into 2 or more pieces coming out.

Special tools are used to split, and make the radius finish on the insides. See how Beasley Forest Products in GA ran their first splitting production on Southern Yellow Pine 2x8s into two 2x4s

Time to Split, Time to Profit

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