AVIATEUR EXPRESS # 855 - August 4th, 2021


  • Safety capsule: Flying at 40⁰C: hot for the pilot… but even more for the engine
  • A forced landing that ends well ... at least for the pilot
  • A clarification from Transport Canada on COVID-19 vaccines
  • New RVAs are added to our calendar
  • Aviation magazine, anniversary edition - paper version available on our store
  • CYJN temporary closure, August 14
  • AéroVenture Casey, September 3-6, 2021
  • Nav Canada - Designated Spaces Manual
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  • Your virtual library.
  • Photo competition 2020-21.

Safety capsule: Flying at 40⁰C: hot for the pilot… but even more for the engine

With the heat waves more and more frequent and hot, we are called upon to fly more often than before in very hot weather. The mercury recently reached 40⁰C on the South Shore and probably elsewhere. We've published a capsule on the issues of your aircraft's performance in hot weather and the need to do your math to make sure you have enough runway to take off and be able to clear obstacles in your way. Emphasis is placed on the importance of doing your calculations taking into account all the factors before you go into the gas. For example, the slope of the runway may not be very important in normal times, alone in your plane at 15⁰C. But at 40 ⁰C, with your two healthy brothers-in-law on board, it could be different. So get out your calculators!

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Contributed by Gilles Jean
Photo: Jean-Pierre Bonin

A forced landing that ends well ... at least for the pilot

On July 24th, 424 Squadron (CFB Trenton) and CASARA Ottawa assisted a pilot whose plane crashed north of Petawawa, ON. A masterfully executed forced landing, a Mayday call, an ELT 406 and a SPOT resulted in this pilot getting away with minor injuries. Everything was in place to allow a search and rescue operation that went very well, thanks to a whole team: Air Canada flight 139, ACC Toronto, ACC Montreal, CASARA Ottawa, Sûreté du Québec, International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC), Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canadian Mission Control Center (CMCC), Joint Rescue Operations Coordination Center (JRCC) Trenton and 424 Squadron (one C-130 Hercules and one Griffon helicopter).

For a stream of events, as reported by JRCC Trenton, click  HERE :

It is remarkable to note that thanks to the beacon 406, barely 10 minutes after the Mayday call, the JRCC had in hand the position of the aircraft and the name of the identifier. From that moment on, the whole search and rescue machine was set in motion. The signal from the SPOT beacon confirmed this some 30 minutes later. This information has become complementary to that provided by the 406 tag.

CASARA Ottawa also played an important role. With the information provided by JRCC Trenton, the crash site was quickly located and confirmed. The CASARA aircraft remained in the area, providing information to JRCC, Hercules and Griffon.


There are certainly a few lessons to be learned from what happened on July 24th:

1. Know and master an emergency condition like the one this pilot experienced.
The priority is to fly the plane
     -  Communicate
Do not move away from the crash site

2.  Submit a flight plan.

3. Have a working and registered ELT 406. A reminder that the installation of an ELT 406 will become mandatory in November 2025 for private aircraft - certain exceptions will prevail. For more information, click HERE .

4. You too could contribute to this search and rescue team which is working to save pilots by joining SERABEC .

Aviateurs.Québec would like to congratulate the pilot for her exceptional <airmanship> and all those involved in this search and rescue mission for their professionalism.

Contribution: Rémi Girard, member of the CA Aviateurs.Québec, Provincial training officer, research coordinator and SERABEC operations manager.
Photos: Canadian Forces

A clarification from Transport Canada on COVID-19 vaccines

  • Transport Canada has become aware of the misinformation circulating about COVID-19 vaccines and holders of aviation medical certificates.
  • Transport Canada would like to point out that COVID-19 vaccines that have been approved by Health Canada (Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Janssen [Johnson and Johnson]) are considered compatible with Transport Canada aviation medical certificates.
  • Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine approved by Health Canada will not affect aviators' eligibility for the medical certificate.
  • In addition, the team responsible for Civil Aviation Medicine at Transport Canada (MAC TC) does not impose a period of immobilization on the ground for airmen who wish to take vaccines approved by Health Canada.

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New RVAs are added to our calendar

Consult our calendar for other RVAs offered in August and September

Anniversary edition - paper version available in our store

With its 208 pages, this special edition is intended to be a real reference for knowing everything about who is who in the field of aviation in Quebec, the services they offer and their contribution to the advancement of aviation in Quebec .

You are not a member of Aviateurs.Québec or you have not subscribed to the paper version of Aviation magazine, you can still purchase this special issue for the sum of $ 10 + taxes.

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Temporary closure - Saint-Jean airport (CYJN)

AeroVenture Casey 2021, September 3rd to 6th, 2021
A look at the facilities at Casey (video by L. Santerre)

Nav Canada - Designated Airpace Handbook

Do you know the Designated airspace handbook ?

A manual produced by the Canadian Forces and published by Nav Canada. It provides you with information on all designated spaces in Canadian airspace. You will allso find on the web page a link to the Canadian Airport Charts.

For more information on the operational guides available from Nav Canada, click HERE


For more information, click on the image.

Your virtual library

Aviateurs.Québec Photo Contest 2021

Congratulations to Pascal Hovington, winner of the June round of the Aviateurs.Québec photo contest! Pascal earns himself a cap or a polo shirt in the colors of Aviateurs.Québec.

The 2021 competition continues!

You have until 10 p.m. on Monday August 16, 2021 to vote by clicking on the photo (or photos) of your choice. Click HERE

The winner will receive one of the following prizes, cap or polo shirt.

We are currently accepting photos (aviation related, read regulations ) for the August round. 

Send your photos to photos@aviateurs.quebec before August 31 at 10 p.m. 

You can still vote for any of your favorite photos from the year 2021 by clicking “Like or love” before January 11, 2022 by going to our  Facebook page

The pricing structure

Grand annual winner: gift certificate $ 75 plus trophy
2nd and 3rd annual: gift certificate $ 25 plus trophy
Monthly winners: Cap or Polo

In order to allow everyone to have the chance to win during the year, the same person cannot be declared winner of the month more than four (4) times during the year.

The winning photos for each month plus the photos with the most votes during the year, up to a total of 20, will be finalists.

For a monthly round to be held, you must have received at least five photos, from at least three different photographers. Otherwise, the photos received are entered in the following month's round. 

The complete contest rules can be viewed HERE



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