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May 2022 | Quebec Edition


Progress Reports Now On-Line

Lactanet publishes four regional reports across Canada annually. As our flagship publication, each edition showcases top managed herds, publishable herd data, statistics, benchmarks and articles from dairy experts. We are pleased to release our 2021 Progress Reports online and printed copies have been distributed via mail following the May issue of the LPLQ.

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Quick Solutions When the Price of Concentrates is High

You've probably noticed that the price of concentrates has been particularly high for several months now. Read about the various factors behind this trend and the solutions that can help reduce the impact of high prices on your feed margin.

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Your Best Investment of the Year is to Harvest Quality Forage

With the high price of concentrates, ask yourself: can I afford to harvest poor quality forage this year? The upcoming season is an opportunity that should not be missed. Those who miss it will see the effect on their wallet...

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Is Your Grain Milling Process Optimized?

Nowadays, with increased input cost for feeding your herd, serving well-milled grain that is readily digestible for your cows is of utmost importance. But this objective is not easy to achieve. Read how two Lactanet advisors evaluated grain grinds on some 40 dairy farms in Quebec.

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Tactical Tools at Lactanet

Business management decisions can be grouped into three categories: operational, tactical, and strategic. While on-farm milking software generates data that is useful for operational management, Lactanet provides advanced tools and services that fully support tactical dairy herd management. Get inspired and learn how to distinguish the management categories and see examples of the tactical use of reports in this article.

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Genetic Selection for Feed Efficiency

Selecting animals that are super efficient at converting feed to milk will save you money. Feed Efficiency evaluations are now available for purchase if you are not a milk recording customer – otherwise they are free!

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Virtual Open Industry Session

Save-the-date for the one-day OIS event on Thursday June 9th, 2022.

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Selecting Your Most Efficient Cows at the Robot

A producer may wonder which cows in their herd are the most efficient at the robot. This isn’t always a simple answer. Although the data is available in one of many robot reports, it is often difficult to find. Lactanet will soon be launching easy to understand data that will help you rank your cows’ robot efficiency quickly.

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Building Equity for Canadian Dairy Farmers

We are please to announce the re-election of Barbara Paquet and Matt Flaman to the Lactanet Board of Directors. Read the media release to learn how Lactanet will continue to build equity for Canadian dairy farmers and accelerate its commitment to the prosperity of farming life and the dairy industry.

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Voting Results Now On-Line

Voting results are now posted for Resolutions submitted in 2022. After a Resolution has been Carried, the next step involves consideration of the Resolution from the Lactanet Board of Directors, and the status of each Resolution will be updated in October. Learn how dairy producers are getting involved:

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Podcast: Dairy Farming Discussions (DFD) – Fatty Acids, Not the Kind Your Parents Think Of!

In their May 9th podcast, DFD had a chat with Dr. Stirling Dorrance - Lactanet’s Dairy Advisor from Nova Scotia. They discussed bulk tank milk fatty acids and how they’re influenced by feeding and management practices, as well as the advantages of PROFILab.

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