June 2023

UBCO IT Satisfaction - Results

Thanks to the 145 people who completed the first annual UBCO IT Satisfaction Survey. Your feedback and comments were incredibly helpful and will inform or support and services moving forward. While most comments were embarrassingly positive, we heard some important gaps that we will take steps to improve.

Read more and view the results here.  

Summer IT Support Hours

Reminder: Our summer support hours are:

Phones: M-F 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Walk-up: M-F 9:00 am -12 noon; 1:00-3:00 pm CLOSED FOR LUNCH 12-1

For the best response, or to request an appointment, please use the Self-Service Portal.

New UBCO Admin?

Are you new to UBCO or in a new adminstrative role and need help with IT requests? We can help! Our Engagement Services Team is here to help share resources and training on:

Meeting Room AV Stress?

Do you struggle to use the equipment in meeting rooms to share presentations or host remote participants via Zoom or Teams?

Request a training session for your team or dept. admin with our AV Support to make sure your meetings are better connected with less stress. 

Submit a Self-Service AV Support Request to book a session. 

Windows 10 End of Life 2025

As October 2025, Microsoft will no longer provide support or security for Windows 10. UBCO IT has begun upgrading devices to Windows 11, however older devices may not be compatible and will need to be replaced. UBCO IT will reach out to users of these devices to let them know whether they can upgrade or will need a new device. Learn more...

1 year data retention for Zoom & Teams recordings Fall 2023

In October 2023, UBC Record's Management will implement an automated one-year retention policy for video recordings. This data retention schedule will affect all employees on both campuses.

While users are not required to move their videos, if they are more than one year old and no action is taken, these videos will be automatically disposed of according to the one-year automated retention schedule. LEARN MORE...

URLs ending in .zip or .mov

In May 2023, Google released new wesbite domains ending in .zip and .mov.

To avoid risks of malware or phishing attacks from these domains, UBC Cybersecurity will BLOCK these addresses starting July 7, 2023. (Note: this does not affect the sending of .zip or .mov attachments) Read more..

Upcoming ArcGIS changes

As of March 2024, users will be required transition to ArcGIS Pro.  UBCO IT recommends that those who haven’t made the transition from ArcMap to ArcGIS, do so now to avoid unforeseen delays.

To move to ArcGIS Pro: Contact gis.forestry@ubc.ca with your CWL username to request access to UBC ArcGIS Online (AGOL).  

Need help connecting to UBC wifi?

If you have not been on campus for an extended period of time, or updated your CWL password recently (CWL passwords are required to be reset every year) you may have issues connecting with UBC wifi.

The UBC Autoconnect tool is the best way to get reconnected to whichever UBC network you prefer. 

Upcoming Maintenance

  • Scheduled Outages for UBCO Network Upgrade
    | June 23 | 10:00-15:00 PT
    • We continue to perform important upgrades to the campus network, with some additional work happening June 23, 2023. This may result in a brief disruption to UBC Secure network and department / research networks.

      For specific details please visit our UBCO IT website or the UBC IT Status Page  

Upcoming Events

  • Descriptive stats with R - join tables in R )
    | July 13 | 11:00 - 12:00 PST ONLINE
    • This workshop will introduce how to work with multiple data frames in R. Participants are expected to already be familiar with R and RStudio. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

      • Understand the need to work with multiple data frames

      • Identify primary keys and foreign keys for data frames

      • Use different join functions to gain insights from multiple data frames 

    • To learn more and register go HERE


UBCO IT Engagement Services offers a single point of contact for departments and faculties at the Okanagan campus to access the information technology support and services they need to enable exceptional learning and research. 

Learn more about our team HERE or send us an email or submit a ticket via the UBC Self-Service Portal