Welcome to the 'Culture, Communication & Connection' edition of Myles Ahead's curated Educator Resources. 

Individually and collectively, as we learn more about our past and ourselves, we learn more about the impacts that our words and actions can have on culture, communication, and connection. The links below include recommended resources to help clarify and connect with, and for, each other. 

Educator Resources:

  1. Published by the Alberta Teachers’ Association, the series of "Stepping Stones" includes educational materials and activities for the Truth & Reconciliation journey, particularly to honour and learn about the diverse cultures of First Nations, MĂ©tis, and Inuit peoples. 
  2. Curated by CBC Kids, here are 13 Totally Terrific Totem Pole Facts to share in the classroom. 
  3. Developed by Dr. Yifeng Wei and Dr. Stan Kutcher, supported by the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia, this free online course includes evidence-based and classroom-ready lesson plans (for ages 12-19) to help nurture mental health practices and communications that benefit students and educators throughout northern Turtle Island (Canada).

About Us:

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