AVIATEUR EXPRESS # 830 - August 19, 2020 


  • Aero-camping Casey 2020
  • Procedure for integrating the circuit at an uncontrolled aerodrome
  • Aviateurs.Quebec will be in Casey
  • A photo album on Casey 2019
  • Travel with my son - Casey 2017
  • An aerodrome directory where you can go and do some aerocamping
  • Portrait of aviators from Quebec: Robert D'astous
  • Nav Canada announces new pricing
  • Your virtual library.
  • 2020 photo competition.

Aero-camping Casey 2020, September 4 - 7

The organizers confirm that the Aero-camping Casey 2020 event will take place on Labor Day weekend, from September 4 to 7, 2020.

The event will be held in compliance with current health requiremetns ... therefore, wearing a mask will be the norm in places where physical distancing is not possible. The organizers are counting on your collaboration.

Don't forget that La Tuque airport offers a discount of .03 $ / l to members in good standing of Aviateurs.Québec. Make a stopover and take advantage of it.

In order to be well prepared, it is recommended to consult the Aero-camping Casey 2020 website and the event  's Facebook page  .

A reminder on the procedure to be used to enter the circuit of an uncontrolled aerodrome, like Casey.

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Aviateurs. Quebec will be present at Casey

Come meet us at our marquee and take the opportunity to get your Aviateurs.Québec cap. Only $ 20 (sorry, no Interac and no currency exchange on site).

A photo album on Aéro-camping Casey 2019

Courtesy of Patrick Vergobbi (aka Pique-Nuage)

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Camping travel flight with my son - Casey 2017

Contribution of Nathalie Fortin

 Aerocamping : great weekends to come 

A contribution by Jean-Pierre Bonin

First let me thank those who contacted me to add data or to say that they had used the data in my spreadsheet for under wing camping.

The aerocamping database continues to grow with now 35 airports in 8 provinces. Among these airports (aerodromes, airstrips), two do not really allow camping, but they have been added because they offer accommodation on site. So I tried to follow Janine Cross's advice in her COPA Flight article, July 2020 edition: “For us, the secret to enjoying a long camping trip is to alternate our camping nights with a stay in a local hotel or on Airbnb. "



Portrait of aviators from Quebec

Robert D'Astous,  Entrepreneur, owner,

Pilot and flight instructor, wheels, seaplane and skis

A new school in Quebec! This news, especially in times of pandemic, delights us to the highest point! A sign of a succession which is increasingly evident in aviation in Quebec, Robert D'astous takes over the banner of Delco Aviation with his new flight training unit in Mont-Laurier.

We met an enthusiastic, but above all passionate entrepreneur who has been involved in aviation since the 1990s. Trained as a private pilot by none other than the famous Louise Gagnon, he moved away from aviation for a while. to start a business under construction. But as they say, you can get the pilot out of the plane, but the plane still stays in the heart. So much so that Robert returned to piloting by fleets with Pierre-Étienne de LaMarlière, the founder of Aéro Loisirs, in 2014. This meeting became very inspiring for him… a revelation for an entrepreneur who had never thought of winning his life with planes!



Nav Canada - new pricing

Click HERE for the text of the announcement made by Nav Canada.

Do you know our classifieds ads?

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Your virtual library, updated August 5, 2020

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2020 photo competition

Congratulations to Perry Nadon for the winning photo of the month for July!

Perry wins one of the following prizes: a cap or a polo shirt.

The 2020 competition continues!

You can therefore vote for any of your favorite photos throughout the year 2020. To do so, go  HERE

Now is the time to submit a photo or two for June. Send your photos to photos@aviateurs.quebec before August 30 at 10 p.m.

We are currently accepting photos (aviation related, read regulations) for the August round.

The complete contest rules can be viewed HERE



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