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14 juin 2022



Cette semaine, la veille recense plusieurs sujets d'intérêt dont:


Pratiques industrielles et artistiques

TikTok Is Turning Music Marketing Into a Labyrinthian Game

Is the fight between artists and labels over the necessity of TikTok popularity real, or is there something more convoluted going on here?


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No one agrees what an EP is, but artists should release more of them

An EP is a vehicle to release, market, and sometimes sell music more frequently than the usual album release cycle. That not only matters in a world of short fan attention spans but streaming and social algorithms like frequency. In fact, they usually reward it.

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Politiques publiques

Online Streaming Act claims to level the playing field … but for whom?

While some Black, Indigenous and racialized groups strongly support the bill, some are calling for more: from full funding and support for Black-owned and Indigenous media to requirements to consult with Indigenous, Black and racialized communities.

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Netflix Hits 30% European Content Quota in Almost All European Markets

Netflix has either reached or surpassed the required 30% local content quotas in major markets in Europe, ranking ahead of its global streaming rivals, according to a new study by Ampere Analysis. The programming quota applies to all streamers operating in Europe and is part of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive of the European Commission.

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Spotify cible le milliard d’utilisateurs d’ici 2030

Daniel Ek a défendu la stratégie de l’entreprise pour la décennie en cours. Selon lui, la taille de Spotify pourrait être multipliée par dix d’ici 2030, avec un chiffre d’affaires annuel de 100 milliards de dollars pour 1 milliard d’utilisateurs actifs.

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Music’s Future is Here: It’s Called Streaming (Part 1)

The RIAA's eye-catching contemporary figures are doing the opposite work of trying to further inflate the sense of industry rebirth, as investors, at least until very recently, were desperately searching for new ventures to park cash.

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Actualités techno

Spotify Introduces Open Source Audio-to-MIDI File Converter 'Basic Pitch'

Spotify’s R&D team has unveiled Basic Pitch, a free, open source tool to convert audio files into MIDI format. Using machine learning to transcribe musical notes, Basic Pitch boasts the ability to convert a recording of almost any instrument — including voice — to a MIDI version.

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