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March 2022 | Quebec Edition


Top 1% of Canada's Best Managed Herds

Canada's Best Managed Dairy Herds 2021

Lactanet's elite list of Canada's 1% Best Managed Dairy Herds is now online! Congratulations to the top 70 herds who have reached optimal performance through relentless hard work, meticulous attention to detail, rigorous consistency – and of course - a passion to excel!

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Improving Soil Health for Profitability

Improving soil health

It is well-known that a healthy soil provides environmental benefits. It is increasingly understood that soil health also has a significant impact on farm profitability in the short, medium, and long term. What is soil health? How can it be improved?


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Precision Feeding Can Be For Anyone

Precision feeding

Not even a decade ago, precision feeding was a topic of interest for research-driven dairy operations only. By definition, it involves feeding a cow exactly what she needs to eat, no more, no less, and with no compromise. Today, precision feeding has evolved alongside our understanding of what it means to feed efficiently. It is a feeding practice for anyone.

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Why Analyze Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN)?

MUN Analysis

MUN analysis acts as a flag that signals you when your feeding program may not be in balance, resulting in lower milk production, higher feed costs, decreased fertility, and more nitrogen excreted into the environment. 


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Base Change Summary – April 2022

Genetic base change summary

Each year, the genetic base used to express genetic evaluations in Canada is updated in conjunction with the first official release. 



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le producteur de lait québécois


Choosing the Best Cover Crop

Choosing the best cover crop

There are many benefits to using a cover crop to establish your prairie. Several options are available, but it can be difficult to know which would be the best choice for your farm. A recent Quebec study breaks it down to help you explore the options!


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Bovine Leukosis Campaign 

Bovine Leukosis Campaign 

Les Producteurs de lait du QuĂ©bec has recently launched a new round of bulk tank testing in order to help you estimate the overall prevelence of bovine Leukosis in your herd. Bulk tank testing began in January and will continue until June of this year. 

A report (“Leukosis - Bulk Tank”) for each farm will be sent to all farms via Lactanet’s MySite once tank tests have been completed. 

Your veterinairian can help you in implementing biosecurity and herd health measures in collaboration with MAPAQ’s Programme IntĂ©grĂ© de SantĂ© Animale du QuĂ©bec (PISAQ)’s Bovine Leukosis campaign in order to better manage Leukosis prevelance in your own herd.



New from PROFILab


Discover the new PROFILab fact sheets that can help you understand milk fatty acids to optimize the fat content of your herd and make it more profitable.

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Come and Visit Us at Our Booth

Rendez-vous laitier AQINAC 2022

Lactanet is proud to be present at the Rendez-vous laitier 2022! Come to our booth and meet with Patricia and MĂ©linda! Patricia can’t wait to show you a demonstration of the herd management software DairyComp, as MĂ©linda will show you that sustainability goes with profitability. That’s a «rendez-vous» at the Lactanet booth!

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Get Ready to Harvest

Inventory 2022

In preparation for the 2022 season, remember to record important information about your harvest (i.e. number of bales, boxes, inventories/silo, etc.). Whether you text the information to your advisor, record the data in your cell phone, or jot it down in a logbook - all techniques are good. 

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Resolutions Now Posted Online

Resolutions 2022

To ensure dairy producers and the Canadian dairy industry at large are supported for a sustainable and thriving future, we have a website that hosts non-binding Resolutions. The Resolutions are submitted annually by licensed dairy farmers to Lactanet for consideration by our Board of Directors.

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Lactanet, Host of the 2022 ICAR Annual Meeting

ICAR Annual Meeting 2022

From May 30 to June 3, 2022, Lactanet will welcome a few hundred participants from all over the world for the annual ICAR conference that will be held in Montreal.

Briefly, the «International Committee for Animal Recording» is the organization that sets the standards for milk recording and certifies the equipment. It plays a role in animal identification and registration. Its 20 or so technical committees develop guidelines and technical guides on the various aspects of dairy cattle production - genetics, health, welfare, to name a few.

Lactanet has been a member of this organization for many years and is proud to present a portrait of our Canadian dairy industry and an overview of its key activities. The program and details of the event can be found on the website www.icar2022.ca.

Partenariat canadien pour l'agriculture Canada Québec

Lactanet would like to thank the financial partners associated with the conference and especially MAPAQ for the funding under the Canada-Quebec Agreement for the implementation of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

Together, the federal and Quebec governments have invested $293 million over a five-year period from 2018 to 2023.

This agreement supports strategic initiatives that will help sectors grow, innovate and prosper.