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Housing Policy Updates

Public Engagement Closes April 14th

Housing affordability and availability is a top concern locally, provincially and federally these days. In Penticton, we are working to address the housing needs by updating the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw.


City Council created a 13-member Housing Task Force in 2023 to review the OCP and propose updates based on recent data and public engagement. The Housing Task Force provided 18 recommendations to Council in December 2023 to support the development of more homes for a range of residents in the community.

Meanwhile, the Province has passed a number of legislation changes in December 2023 and set deadlines on cities like Penticton to allow for more homes to be built per lot, and more homes to be built near transit.

Public Engagement Dates in April:




Wednesday, April 3

Cannery Trade Centre

2 pm to 4 pm

Wednesday, April 3

Uplands Elementary School

6 pm to 8 pm

Saturday, April 6

Senior’s Drop-In Centre

10 am to 12 pm

Monday, April 8

Columbia Elementary

6 pm to 8 pm

Thursday, April 11

Wiltse Elementary

5 pm to 7 pm


You can review all the information related to the proposed OCP and Zoning Bylaw housing updates at Shape Your City Penticton and ask questions, leave a comment, and submit a feedback form by April 14, 2024.

Shape Your City


Please contact Steven Collyer, Housing & Policy Initiatives Manager, with any questions.


Spotlight on Parking Requirements

  • Transit-Oriented Areas
  • Proposing to eliminate parking requirements in the C5 and RM5 zones
  • Proposing to eliminate parking requirements for secondary suites and carriage houses on residential properties

The Province has designated two “transit-oriented areas” in the City – Safeway Plaza and Walmart Plaza bus exchanges. By June 30, 2024, 1 on-site parking space per unit will no longer be required within 400m of the bus exchanges. Accessible parking stalls will still be required in accordance with the City’s Zoning Bylaw. The City is proposing to add an additional “transit-oriented area” around Cherry Lane Mall bus exchange. If this is approved, there will be a large central area of the City where developments will not be required to provide 1 stall per dwelling unit.

Maps of the transit-oriented areas are available at Shape Your City Penticton.

To support new housing or mixed-use developments in the downtown, which may otherwise be hindered by needing to provide 1 parking space for every unit, the City is proposing to eliminate the residential parking requirement in:

  • the C5 (Urban Centre Commercial) zone, and
  • the RM5 (Residential Infill) zone – along Ellis St. only.

The City is also proposing to eliminate parking requirements for secondary suites and carriage houses on residential properties. The goal is to support these types of units which often function as housing for multigenerational families or long-term rentals.

With these Zoning Bylaw changes, we still expect parking will be offered based on demand for parking and market conditions, allowing for more flexibility to support the development of more homes for current and future residents of Penticton.

For further information, please visit

Shape Your City


Recently Approved Developments

In March 2024, Council approved several new developments in Penticton.

950 Westminster Ave. W.

Addition of 52 hotel rooms bringing the total number of rooms to 87.

732 Government St.

4-unit, 3 storey townhouse development.

1704 Government St.

Council adopted CD9 (Comprehensive Development – 1704 Government Street) to facilitate the construction of a high-density mixed use development.  Future approvals will be required for each phase of development.

935 Kilwinning St.

Council adopted Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2024-10 to faciliate the subdivision of 935 Kilwinning St. into two lots and the construction of a duplex on each lot.

457 Ellis St.

Six-storey mixed-use building with eight residential dwelling units on the upper five floors and commercial space on the first floor.

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