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September 2021

Mobilizing Environmental Data to Build Healthier Cities for All

Sept 29, 2021 @ 12 - 1pm PT (Pacific Time)

This presentation will explain how nationally standardized datasets are fueling a renaissance in environmental health research and how data can be used to identify environmental health inequities in Canadian cities. The presenters will also highlight tools that public health professionals will be able to use to operationalize insights and address inequities in the built environment.

Make our communities healthier with better air quality during and post-pandemic: CANUE

This blog summarizes CANUE's expertise on air quality and how CANUE’s data on multiple air pollutants, mainly NO2, PM2.5 and O3, and their transportation working group are available to help guide research on impacts and solutions. Join our Sept 29 webinar to learn more about how CANUE's work can support environmental public health.

CPHA - Infectious disease and climate change in Canada: Key informant interviews

The CPHA is leading a three-year project to build knowledge and capacity of professionals and providers to respond to the increasing demands posed by climate change and infectious diseases. CPHA conducted 16 key informant interviews to identify key issues. Based on those conversations, this report focuses on the Canadian context and highlights challenges and opportunities to help inform collaborative work in the field of infectious diseases and climate change.

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, we continue to update our EH resources in our COVID-19 topic page. You will find a complete listing of NCCEH's COVID-19 products as well as curated external resources organized by topical headings.

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September 2021 Environmental Health & COVID-19 Scan

This monthly Research Scan highlights recent environmental health publications by topic and provides easy access to article abstracts and report summaries to support public health professionals, researchers, planners, students, and others working in public health.

NCC’s at the CPHA Public Health 2021 Conference, October 6 - 8

The 6 NCCs will be presenting a session titled, “Long-term effects of evacuations on first nations communities: Lessons learned for public health responses” at the conference on October 7. This session will present findings from two case studies, profiling community voices during evacuation and on returning to their home communities, and will explore the role of public health in addressing the long-term health and social impacts of evacuations on First Nations communities due to natural disasters.

NCCEH will be exhibiting at the CPHA Public Health 2021 Conference on October 6 - 8. Drop by our virtual booth to learn more about our centre and our offerings.

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