October 31, 2022

This Week...

Recycle your candy wrappers, check out the Maffeo Sutton Park Phase 2 enhancements and visit the one stop shop for all City of Nanaimo subscribable content. Read on for more!

Trick or Treat!

We hope everyone has a safe and fun evening filled with giggling ghosts and goblins! But before you head out, please review these tips to stay safe. 

Trick-or-treaters use sidewalks, paths and crosswalks when possible and make eye contact with drivers before crossing. Try to incorporate reflective bands or lights on your costume so drivers can see you. Put electronic devices down and avoid masks that limit vision.

Drivers, take extra caution tonight on the roads, especially during popular trick-or-treating hours 5:30 to 9:30 pm. Be on the look out for families going door to door and remember kids may move in unpredictable ways! 


recycle halloween candy wrappers

Recycle Wrappers

Did you know? You can separate and save your Halloween candy wrappers for recycling. If you're unsure where to take them just search "candy wrappers" in the Waste Wizard on the city's website or on the Nanaimo Recycles app and a list of locations will appear!


one stop shop to subscribe

One Stop Shop

Did you know? The City of Nanaimo has a subscriptions page where you can easily browse and subscribe to newsletters, fire incidents, MyCity, job postings, emergency alerts and much more! Just visit nanaimo.ca/subscriptions and sign up for the information of interest to you. 


Share a cycling profile with the City of Nanaimo and share why you love to ride your bike

Cycle in Nanaimo

The Transportation Department is trying to break down the stereotype that cyclists are mostly MAMILs* (middle-aged men in lycra 😉). Here in the City of Nanaimo we accept cyclists of all ages, all abilities and all biking wear - we love MAMILs too!

Let us know a little bit about your cycling journey so that we can share it with the rest of Nanaimo and prove cycling is for everyone!

Share why you ride and a photo of your bike experience, just like Nathaniel. 


lions free skates are held at the Frank Crane Arena on Sundays see events listing for times

Lions FREE Skates

The City of Nanaimo, Lions Club of Nanaimo, Save-On-Foods and many other community sponsors are proud to present the Lions Free Skates, held Sundays at the Frank Crane Arena from 12-1:30 pm. On Clipper game days (Dec. 11, Jan. 15 & Mar. 12) the schedule will change slightly to 11:30 am - 1:00 pm. 


Maffeo Sutton Playground phase 2 is now complete and ready for play

Maffeo Sutton Park

The newly expanded Maffeo Sutton Playground is now open to the public. This playground has been designed to be accessible and inclusive for children two to five years old and compliments the first phase designed for children five to 12 years old, completed in 2020.

The City of Nanaimo received a grant of $30,000 from the Tire Stewardship of BC for the use of BC Recycled tires and $26,000 was donated by the Nanaimo Lions Club for the purchase of the We-Go-Swing. In addition, cedar florets (stumps) were donated by Gogo Cedar Products.

Fun Fact: 1,709 scrap tires were used for new rubberized surface in Phase 2. 


Bastion lighting requests and calendar

Bastion Lighting 

  • Oct. 31 - Orange for Halloween
  • Nov. 3 - Teal for Alzheimer's Awareness
  • Nov. 5 to 11 - Red for Veterans' Week / Remembrance Day
  • Nov. 13 - Blue for World Diabetes Day
  • Nov. 14 - Blue for Eczema Awarness
  • Nov. 17 - Purple for World Prematurity Day

The Bastion now has six stand-alone lights surrounding the structure with the computer capability of providing accent colouring. Organizations can request the Bastion be illuminated in specific colours to promote their cause. 


Fall Back

On Sunday, Nov.6 at 2 am the clocks should be turned backward one hour. Here are some tips to help adjust to the change:

  • Gradually go to bed earlier than your usual bedtime.
  • Expose yourself to bright light in the morning.
  • Avoid long naps during the day.
  • Skip the coffee/caffeinated drinks four to six hours before bedtime. 

Will Your Commute be Affected This Week?

City construction projects:

  • Commuters can expect minor delays along Labieux Road between Dorman Road and Kenworth Road at the Beban Parkway entrance as construction crews fuse together the large diameter water mains for the Midtown Water Supply Project.
  • Metral Drive is still an active construction site, so please expect some delays when navigating through the area. All businesses remain open and accessible. Concrete bus slabs are curing, and workers will be installing streetlights, planting trees, and finishing off the finer details. The end is near!
  • Emerald Drive (from Uplands to Ross Rd) will be closed during the day for a water main upgrade. Access will be limited to residents, buses and emergency services. Other commuters should plan an alternate route.
  • Construction crews continue to work on the Midtown Water Supply Project along the Nanaimo Parkway between East Wellington Road and Northfield Road and are making their way to the intersection of Northfield Road with the trench preparations.
  • Beban Park has detours within the park and areas of restricted access for the Midtown Water Supply Project. Access to the Stevie Smith Bike Park and Community Gardens is off Bowen Road past the tennis courts and golf course. All main parking lots, facilities and park amenities are open. In an effort to protect the public and provide a safe working area, certain areas of the park are fenced off and restricted for all non-construction personnel.


Work With Us!

We are currently looking for candidates to fill the following positions:

  • Director, Information Technology/Chief Information Officer
  • Two Lifeguard/Instructors
  • Junior Applications Analyst - Permanent Full-Time and Temporary Full-Time
  • Roads Management Specialist - Temporary Full-Time
  • Bylaw Enforcement Office - Temporary Full-Time
  • Recreation Coordinator - Aquatics
  • Municipal Services Inspector
  • Lifeguard/Instructor - Permanent Part-Time
  • Planning Assistant
  • Building Official
  • Casuals - Police Services
  • Custodian - Relief Pool
  • Casual Lifeguard/Instructors


Meetings This Week

Thursday, Nov. 3: Board of Variance at 4 pm

Monday, Nov. 7: Inaugural Meeting of the Council of the City of Nanaimo at 7 pm

Did you know?

The Board of Variance (BOV) is an independent body that consists of five members appointed by City Council. The BOV can grant variances to:

  • Relax zoning regulations, servicing requirements, and tree protection requirements;
  • Extend non-conforming uses; and,
  • Reconstruct a non-conforming building.


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