March 2020

PEP statement: COVID-19 response

PEP is monitoring the developments of COVID-19 globally and coordinating research discussions to inform policy responses.

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PEP selected to provide UNICEF's research quality assurance services

UNICEF has selected the Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP) to establish and implement a global quality assurance mechanism and a technical advisory service.

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PEP commissioned to analyze impact of Sudan’s fuel subsidy reform

Senior PEP researchers have been commissioned by UNICEF-Sudan to carry out a study estimating the impact of fuel subsidy reform on household poverty.

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Parental migration significantly reduces children’s school performance in rural Cambodia

Millions of Cambodians are migrating in search of work, many leaving their children behind with elderly relatives who are usually illiterate or have very little formal education. The Cambodian government is concerned that parental migration is having a detrimental effect on children’s education. Indeed, a team of local PEP researchers found that children of migrant parents lag behind significantly in terms of completed years of education.

Find out more in the PEP working paper 2020-18 and policy brief 215

Exposed to civil war as children, Sierra Leone’s young adults suffer in the labour market

Most of Sierra Leone’s young adults (aged 18-35 in 2019) were exposed to the country’s violent civil war (1991-2002) as children. These young adults are now the country’s largest population group and they experience the highest unemployment rates. A team of local PEP researchers provides empirical evidence that conflict exposure at a young age reduces wages, long-term earning potential, and the probability of being employed. Exposure to conflict is linked to a reduction education, causing these negative employment effects.

Find out more in the PEP working paper 2020-09 and policy brief 214 

Employment policy recommendations for Zambia at joint conference

Two teams of PEP reseachers in Zambia held a conference discussing policies to encourage women’s formal employment and improve youth job matching.

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A production subisdy can boost Nigeria's renewable energy sector

PEP researchers in Nigeria shared recommendations with national decision-makers on how to boost the country's renewable energy sector, growth and employment.

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Boosting Benin's youth entrepreneurship with informal credit

PEP researchers in Benin held a policy conference to discuss their findings and policy recommendations with national and local stakeholders.

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