October 17, 2023


Hundreds of thousands of workers belonging to the Front commun are sending the government an unmistakable message: we’re ready to go all the way

The Front commun’s mandate to initiate strike action when the time is right, up to and including an unlimited general strike, is historic and without precedent over the past 50 years. The strength of the mandate – 95% in favour of action that can go as far as an unlimited general strike – hasn’t been seen since 1983, and this says a lot about what workers employed in public services are currently feeling. Having refused to budge and review its offers for months, the government is now reaping what it sowed. Front commun members are angry.

Insulting offers

In response to their anger, the government will have to shoulder its responsibilities and bring substantial offers to the table. Workers have high expectations regarding the outcome of these contract talks, while the government is completely disconnected from what’s happening on the ground. A ridiculous and insulting pay offer of 9% over 5 years is not likely to reduce our members’ anger – especially at a time when the government has chosen to increase MNA salaries by 30% and to offer provincial police officers more than 21%, while providing Front commun members with the option of getting poorer.

The future of our public services

The government also needs to understand that the status quo cannot continue. The state of health and social services, schools and higher education is precarious, and these institutions are finding it difficult to carry out their missions. The bargaining process must lead to an outcome where we can look ahead with determination to rebuild our public services on solid ground. That’s in the interest of all Quebecers – and Quebecers know it, which is why they’re supporting us in these contract talks.

What about the strike?

Over the next weeks, the Front commun will prepare for strike action. Stay tuned for messages from your union!


Over 100,000 people took to the streets of Montréal on September 23 to join the Front commun demonstration. Workers were clearly showing their exasperation, and Quebecers were showing their support. Above all, though, the demonstration was a reminder of the key role played by our public services in Quebecers’ lives. It was a warning signal that the government doesn’t seem to have understood.