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What’s the Best Way to Build Trust at Work?

A culture of honesty, psychological safety, and mutual respect is created by each of us, for each other. It’s critical to understand our own role in building trust, particularly with hybrid workplaces.

Explore some key strategies and communication techniques to be an active contributor to a culture of trust.

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Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace 

"You [can] say what you have to say, clearly and strongly, and in a way the other person can hear."

Daniel Goleman

According to Daniel Goleman's research, the five key emotional intelligence skills are:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-regulation
  3. Motivation
  4. Empathy
  5. Social skills

Can they be developed? 

The short answer is yes, but it requires, like any skill, knowledge, and a lot of practice.

If you are interested in expanding your emotional intelligence, check these two resources we've curated for your development journey:


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Reflection Guide for How to Trust People

Feeling trust at work requires you to recognize what you need at work and advocate for yourself. Self and team reflection is a powerful tool to promote this understanding.

Check out Adam Grant’s resource to understand your needs and consider the questions for your next coffee chat or team meeting.

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Three skills Faculty and Staff are developing

What skills are you developing to continuously succeed in your role and career? How to find meaningful learning experiences that help you stay competitive in today’s changing work environment?

A skills-based approach to career development will offer you a path. Check three skills Faculty and Staff are currently developing on LinkedIn Learning, and stay up to date.


Excel is one of the most sought-after skills in the workforce. This learning path helps you become an Excel power user.  

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Time Management

Learn how top achievers manage their time, and why they emphasize the need for rest, exercise, and even fun. 

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Project Management

Project managers are catalysts for change and movement. Learn how to manage projects from beginning to end.

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What's next in your career development journey?

"At UBC, 70% of employees report learning is an important objective in their day-to-day work in their departments."

Bookmark and explore core learning hubs and services UBC has for your career development and learning journey.

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