Reaching for the Stars

For more than 30 years, the Children's Cottage Society has been "reaching for the stars" - pushing forward to make a difference in the early years of a child. Over the past year, with the help of a generous community of donors, volunteers, and supporters, progress has been made.

We invite you to read the 2017-2018 Annual Report. to find out more about the impact of the Children's Cottage Society's programs on safe children in healthy families.

Our programs buffer children from adverse experiences and expose children to positive, nurturing interactions. This helps build healthy brain structures which leads to improved learning and behaviour.


Our programs help families have hope for the future and a positive outlook and create opportunities for families and caregivers to experience manageable levels of stress.


Our programs decrease the risk of child maltreatment and neglect as parents experience less stress and more hope and positive feelings.


Our programs build the capacity of parents to deal with adversity and create nurturing environments to raise safe and healthy children.

Annual Report

Leaders with Heart: David McKenzie and Vicki Reid

In mid June, the Children’s Cottage Society Board of Directors was elected. We would like to take this opportunity to thank David McKenzie, outgoing Board President, for his dedication and leadership.

During his more than a dozen years as a member of the Board, David has served on the Executive and on many committees, always giving of his time and knowledge without hesitation. David continues to serve on the Board as Past President.

We would also like to introduce Board President, Vicki Reid. Vicki first encountered the Children’s Cottage Society more than five years ago when she visited the Crisis Nursery to determine, as then Director of Community Affairs for Cenovus Energy, if the Nursery was a program worth supporting.

“At Cenovus, we wanted to invest in comprehensive programs that focused on strong and healthy families,” she says. “When I toured the Crisis Nursery and saw the depth of care and wrap-around support, I was hooked.” Vicki was drawn to become personally involved as a member of the Children's Cottage Society Board. Cenovus Energy is to this day a strong supporter of the Children’s Cottage.

One of Vicki's main priorities as president is to support the building of an additional facility so that the Children’s Cottage Society can impact more young children who are at risk of harm. Vicki says “It hurts my heart to know that we are turning away children and families who need support. We want to have the space and resources to help them before they have even more challenges." 

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