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Health Tip: The Case for Resistance Training for Older Adults

Age-related changes in muscle mass, strength, and function may be attributable to a variety of mechanisms. Individuals who are physically inactive have been found to have double the risk of future mobility limitation compared with those who meet physical activity recommendations. Among the contributors to the aging process, disuse is a very preventable and reversible factor.

Muscle “use” in the form of resistance exercise training have been consistently shown to be effective in counteracting aging-related impairment of physical function. In addition to the benefits to muscular and bone health, resistance exercise training also improves quality of life and psychological well-being, help manage chronic health conditions and reduce fall risks.

Resistance exercise training should be done regularly at least 2-3 times a week at an appropriate and safe intensity between 60-75%. Get started by joining our online classes!

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Staff Profile

Entering university, Michelle knew that she wanted to help individuals improve and recover through exercise. Throughout strength & conditioning internships and volunteering, she found her passion for training individuals to achieve their goals. She believes that training can improve self-confidence, physical capabilities and daily living.

Along with her formal education and personal experiences, Michelle has worked as a coach and trainer in various settings on the field, with teams, and in running clinics. She has worked with a large variety of individuals including; athletes, youth, the clinical, and general population. Michelle is currently completing her Masters in Kinesiology. She is also a graduate strength coach with the women's volleyball, men’s soccer, javelin and rugby teams. This experience has enriched her coaching to be adaptable to individuals with different physical demands, as well as programming long term and for injured athletes getting back into their sports. She believes in an interactive process, with conversations moving in both directions and developing a positive and fun training environment to work toward self-improvement. As an athlete Michelle plays striker on the UBC Women’s Varsity soccer team.

Master of Kinesiology (C)

UBC Bachelors of Kinesiology

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Varsity Soccer Player

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