VOLUME 1 No. 3 | JANUARY 26, 2023

APTS rejects government contract offers

At the General Council meeting on January 25, your delegates voted unanimously to reject the employer’s offers tabled by the Québec government in December. The government’s offers are clearly inadequate, out of touch with reality, and insulting. They do not represent a solution to the labour shortage affecting the provision of public services.

The same resolution was adopted by our partners at the CSN, the CSQ and the FTQ, so the Front commun has officially rejected the contract offer and is now asking the Treasury Board to open talks at the central bargaining table on introducing the measures needed to make the government a competitive and attractive employer once again.

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Sectoral offers with no real substance

At the sectoral table, the management bargaining committee in health and social services (CPNSSS) has put forward equally inadequate offers relating to your conditions of work and practice. The employer’s flimsy document looks more like a list of topics to be discussed at some future date than a response to the demands made by the APTS on your behalf.

These demands, tabled by your bargaining team last October, are designed to give you more time. They include an additional week of vacation leave, premiums better suited to your status as a professional or technician, genuine recognition of the overtime you put in, and better professional development options.

The APTS sectoral demands at a glance

Coming soon

Now that both the union and the employer have tabled their respective proposals, official talks are getting underway at the various bargaining tables. The initial meetings will serve to establish a roadmap for upcoming discussions, to clarify the government proposals, and to express your dissatisfaction with what you’ve been offered.

Many events related to provincial contract talks are slated for the winter and spring of 2023. Stay tuned for more information on how things are evolving at the bargaining tables. As you know, your collective agreement will expire on March 31.

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