Masks mandatory in indoor public places

Masks are now mandatory in most indoor public places in Nova Scotia, including retail businesses, shopping centres, personal services businesses, restaurants and bars, government locations offering services to the public, common areas of office buildings, and many more. Depending on your industry, specific guidelines and recommendations may vary. 

Read the Government of Nova Scotia’s news release on the mask mandate, learn the Dos and Don’ts of how to safely wear a non-medical mask or face covering, and order or download one of our new mask posters

Resources to help your business operate safely

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Nova Scotia, we’ve been providing workplaces with free prevention resources to help ensure employers, workers, and customers have the information they need to reduce the risk. Our COVID 19 prevention posters offer general and industry-specific advice on how to work safely; Order Thank-you decals, to let employees and customers know you appreciate their efforts; Share these informative COVID 19 safety videos; Listen to our radio ads; And be sure to use this reopening checklist to help prepare and maintain your prevention plan. Find all of these COVID-19 prevention resources and more in our resource hub, here.

Nova Scotia continues to be a safer place to work

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In 2019, Nova Scotia continued to be a safer place to work, with the continued downward trend in both overall time-loss injury volume and the per capita rate, however it is taking Nova Scotians longer to return to work. There were also fewer deaths, but one fatality is too many.

The 2019 Annual Report and Q1 2020 Report to the Community, share our 2019 statistics, tell how we reached our biggest milestone in our journey to transformation, the story of our funded percentage, and how we quickly acted to be become a leader in the provinces response to the pandemic. Read the full reports here.

Summer Safety

Take the sting out of summer

Each season brings a new set of risks and hazards for workers. In our latest blog on summer safety, we focus on tips to prevent common injuries and illnesses from hazards such as extreme heat, insects, animals and more. Learn how to protect yourself so you can get the most out of Nova Scotia's shortest and sweetest season. 

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Beating the heat

Especially after a long spring spent indoors, the summer heat has come for many as a welcome relief, but it also means that safe working conditions can be trickier. No matter what industry you’re in, and whether you’re working inside or out, working safely in the heat should be a top priority. 

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