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Community Fit (18+ YRS)

Registration is now open for the Community Fit Program (18+ YRS) for the Winter 2024 term at the UBC Osborne Centre!

Community Fit is a functional training program aimed at adults and can accommodate a range of fitness levels. The class consists of muscle and bone strengthening exercises using bodyweight, resistance machines and free weights followed by high intensity intervals of aerobic exercise.

Program Details 

  • March 5 to April 9 | Tue | 5:00PM-6:00PM - 6 sessions - $90.00
  • March 7 to April 11 | Thu | 5:15PM-6:15PM - 6 sessions - $90.00
  • March 7 to April 11 | Thu | 6:15PM-7:15PM - 6 sessions - $90.00

How to Register?

  • Submit an online Get Active Questionnaire or call the registration office at 604-822-0207
  • We will contact you with instructions on next steps
  • A fitness assessment will be required prior to joining the program

For more details, please visit our Online Calendar or contact the registration office at kin.outreach@ubc.ca or at 604-822-0207.

Semi-Private Training (18+ YRS)

Semi-Private training at the UBC Osborne Centre will be launching this month! Another newsletter will be sent with more information.

Semi-private training is designed to maximize coaching, personalize your training and increase your rate of improvement without the cost of personal training. Sessions are bundled into 8 to 12 sessions spread over four to six weeks in order to maximize progress towards the client’s goals.

How to Prepare for Registration

  • Submit an online Get Active Questionnaire or call the registration office at 604-822-0207
  • We will contact you with instructions on next steps

Long Weekend Reminder

UBC BodyWorks will be closed from Saturday, Feb 17 to Monday Feb 19 for the Family Day Long Weekend.There will be no classes for the Changing Aging program or FAME on Monday, Feb 19th.

We hope everyone has a restful and enjoyable long weekend. Classes will resume on Tuesday, Feb 20th as scheduled.

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Call: 604-822-0207

Online: http://kin.ubc.ca/activekids

In Person: Osborne Centre
6108 Thunderbird Blvd. Vancouver B.C V6T 1Z3