VOLUME 12 No. 1 | JANUARY 10, 2022

A lower RREGOP contribution rate

This year, the amount set for maximum pensionable earnings (MPE) is $64,900. To calculate your contribution, take your pensionable earnings and subtract the exempted portion, which is 25% of the MPE (25% x $64,900 = $16,225).

In January 2022, the contribution rate for RREGOP drops from 10.33% to 10.04%.

However, if your pensionable earnings are less than $64,900, reductions in contributions apply.

The contribution rates for 2023, 2024 and 2025 will be made public at the end of 2022, based on the upcoming actuarial assessment.

For further information, visit the RREGOP section of the Retraite Québec website.

Wearing an N95 mask and removing it safely

Given the growing number of workers wearing N95 respiratory protective devices (in French: APR), Québec’s joint occupational health and safety association for the social affairs sector (ASSTSAS) has posted several online videoclips in French to address your questions and help ensure your safety at work. We strongly recommend that you watch them.

  • procedure for putting on and taking off a cup-shaped N95 mask (3 min.)
  • procedure for putting on and taking off an N95 mask with a front flap (3 min. 30)

Give your profession a human face

Want to help boost your profession’s visibility? We’re looking for photos of our members who are working as:

  • psychologists
  • sexologists
  • psychoeducators
  • dietitians and dietetics technicians
  • biomedical engineers
  • community organizers
  • social workers and social work technicians.

Your photos will be published in a visual montage for the week or day celebrating your profession, on the APTS website and social media.

If you’re interested, send us one or two photos of your face and upper body (no masks), or a photo of you at work, at webmestre@aptsq.com. Don't forget to indicate your job title and institution. We won't be able to use every photo, but we’ll keep the remaining ones in our archives for future use.

Thanks in advance, and feel free to share this information with your colleagues.