Veille hebdomadaire de l'actualité musicale et du spectacle

9 mai 2022



Cette semaine, la veille recense plusieurs sujets d'intérêt dont:


Annonces importantes

Quatre organismes indépendants fourniront une aide aux travailleurs culturels autonomes œuvrant dans le secteur des spectacles sur scène grâce au programme d’appui transitoire lié à la COVID-19

Au cours des prochaines semaines, les quatre organismes indépendants verront à distribuer directement les fonds de manière efficace et sécurisée. Ensemble, ils couvriront toutes les disciplines artistiques et toutes les catégories de travailleurs œuvrant dans le secteur.

Ces organismes ont été retenus à la suite d’un appel de demandes lancé à l’échelle nationale par l’entremise du Fonds pour la résilience des travailleurs du secteur des spectacles sur scène de Patrimoine canadien.

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Appel de projets pour la relance dans le domaine de la musique et du spectacle de variétés

La SODEC lance un appel de projets visant à soutenir les arts de la scène et renforcer les liens avec le public québécois.
Cet appel, qui s’inscrit dans le cadre du programme d’aide aux initiatives innovantes, s’adresse aux entreprises du domaine de la musique et du spectacle de variétés.

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Pratiques industrielles et artistiques

Live music is back, but touring is risky

Touring is often an essential aspect of a musician's career — perhaps now more than ever. Some bands rely on performance income because streaming plays net fractional pay, while for others it might be the only way they grow their audience.
And while many COVID-19 restrictions have ended and music fans are flocking to stages, the virus is still making this very exposed way of life even more challenging.

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Major labels control 70% - 87% of tracks on major Spotify playlists

Spotify claims equal access to its playlists, but a new data analyisis by industry consultancy Music Tomorrow shows just how dominate the major labels are of the larger official Spotify playlists.

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Consommation médiatique et de biens culturels

Are Clear-cut Hit Songs Becoming A Thing Of The Past?

If you look at the Billboard Hot 100, you will immediately notice that there are quite a number of songs, such as Ed Sheeran’s “Shivers”, and Elton John and Dua Lipa’s “Cold Heart,” that are holdovers from 2021. What’s the reason behind this? Are hit songs already becoming a thing of the past?

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Is A New Music Format Emerging in the Metaverse ?

Is a new music format emerging in the metaverse that is about to revolutionize the way artists release music and the way fans consume it? As a former major label senior marketing executive, artist manager, and entrepreneur, who spent the past decade helping artists tell their stories and build profitable and authentic direct-to-fan businesses’ I wholeheartedly believe so, and here’s why.

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Politiques publiques

Copyright Royalty Board Approves 32% Increase on Mechanical Royalties

As often goes in Washington, sometimes the best solution is to meet in the middle. That appears to be the takeaway from today’s motion to the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) to increase mechanical royalties by 32% immediately — or from 9.1 cents to 12 cents per track — as related to physical product, downloads, ringtones and music bundles.

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SoundCloud acquires Musiio, an AI music curator, to improve discovery

An online audio sharing platform and streamer, SoundCloud has acquired Musiio, an AI music curation company. With Musiio’s team and technology, SoundCloud plans to strengthen its music discovery features. The terms of the deal are undisclosed.

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Universal Music Posts Strong Q1 Earnings, Powered by 'Encanto' and the Weeknd

While year-over-year growth in the wake of a global pandemic is an unprecedented metric for the music industry, Universal Music Group posted a robust first quarter for 2022, with revenue up 21.6% (16.5% in constant currency) to €2.199 billion ($2.31 billion). Many of these boosts are at least partially a result of the gradual reopening of the world’s economy after the lockdown of the pandemic.

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Actualités techno

Facebook arrête son service de podcast moins d’un an après son lancement

Facebook a décidé d’arrêter dès le 3 juin ses services de podcasts et de salons audio de son application moins d’un an après leurs lancements. Les Soundbites, une fonctionnalité similaire à TikTok permettant de créer de courts contenus audio, vont également cesser leurs activités.

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