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Updates and Information from the City of Chilliwack

Catch Up with City Council

City Council reminds everyone in our community to follow all health orders. This means socializing with only the people you live with and wearing a mask in indoor public and retail spaces right now.

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Join Engage Chilliwack

We launched a new website to share information and gather your feedback on City projects. Ask questions and share your ideas on the projects that matter to you on 

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Free Major Household Appliance Recycling at Bailey Landfill

The Bailey Landfill can now accept items like fridges, washing machines, dryers and more for free as part of the Major Appliance Recycling Roundtable program.

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Winter Operations

Are you ready for winter? Our crews are busy getting ready for winter road conditions. During snow and ice events, both the City and residents have responsibilities. Find out more on our website.

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Landfill Cost Estimator

Did you know that dry mattresses often cost only the minimum $5 disposal fee at the landfill? Use our online Landfill Cost Estimator to find the responsible disposal costs of your items.

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Adopt a Catch Basin

During fall and winter, you can help City crews by clearing street drains in front your home of leaves and debris in the fall, and of snow and ice during winter storms. 

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Prevent Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

The Chilliwack Fire Department is reminding you to prevent carbon monoxide (CO) build up in your home by properly maintaining all fuel-burning appliances and installing CO alarms.

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Salmon in Chilliwack

Chilliwack streams are home to all five pacific salmon species. Wild populations all migrate into Chilliwack to spawn in our streams. Find out where and how to see them without disturbing them.

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