Dairy Knowledge

- Genetics Edition -

August 2022


With each official genetic evaluation release, Dairy Knowledge subscribers will receive a special Genetics Edition showcasing what’s new in Lactanet Genetics. This first issue highlights the new Kappa Casein gene test results, updated sire proof interpretation tables, and inbreeding trends. Enjoy the read!


Kappa Casein Gene Test Results Now Available

With an increasing interest in the marketing and selection of milk properties that are optimal for cheese production, the Lactanet website now displays available Kappa Casein gene test results and provides searching and filtering tools.

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August 2022 Sire Type Proof Interpretations

Lactanet has updated sire proof interpretation tables for descriptive type traits. This resource assists the industry in the understanding of sire proofs for these traits and their relationship with expected average daughter classification scores in first lactation.

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Inbreeding Trends and Genetic Diversity

Each year, Lactanet computes inbreeding statistics for each dairy breed. Since inbreeding levels are best controlled at the time of each mating, Lactanet is creating new tools to help farmers identify sires that can add genetic diversity in their herd.

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Mitigating Dairy Cattle Methane Emissions for a Green Economy

To reach net-zero emissions by 2050, Canada has set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40-45% below the 2005 levels by 2030.

Learn the role dairy cattle play in these emissions and what mitigation strategies can be implemented.

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Coming Soon 

📢Save the date for our next Open Industry Session taking place on October 12, 2022. This is the perfect opportunity to discover what’s new in Lactanet dairy genetics. It will include presentations on methane emissions, DairyComp data for health traits, and the publication of cow evaluations in the future. Registration will be available in September.

💻 DairyComp customers can expect to see additional genetic information available in their software program in the future. Keep an eye out for more information.


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