Special Bulletin from HPEPH

New Guidance For Public Washrooms

In Hastings and Prince Edward Counties, today marks the entry into Stage 2 of reopening the province. More businesses are permitted to open their doors, offering the public increased opportunity to safely engage in activities outside their homes.

The Province of Ontario has created a new Regulation 263/20, which permits the opening of public washrooms at a host of locations reopening today and offers general guidance on cleaning and disinfecting.

To support local businesses and organizations with infection prevention strategies that will minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission, Hastings Prince Edward Public Health has created a document detailing the COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for Use of Public Washrooms. Please share this link widely so we can ensure all neccessary precautions are in place to proceed safely and responsibly with reopening our communities.

This document, along with other guidance documents for stores, food businesses, farmers' markets and community gardens can be found on our website.

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