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The construction season is set to Kick Off! ! Our team is ready to contribute with its Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip Pile Driver.

We hope to see you at our booth at IFCEE in Dallas, Texas in May.

Until then, stay healthy ! 


--------------- WHAT'S NEW ?

Gilbert is extremely proud to have sold its 100th Gilbert Grizzly Multi-Grip Pile Driver!

Since its beginning in 2015, Gilbert is proud to have conquered the construction industry with the most versatile excavator-mounted vibratory pile driver. Its unique technologies like the patented Quick-Change arm system, 3PAS and Power Drive have proven the highest performances around the world. Gilbert is also blessed to be represented by important dealers on all continents who continually offer valuable after sales support.
Our sales team looks forward to another busy year!



Gilbert is ready for the BUSY season to begin

Gilbert’s Production team has been working like beavers to meet the market’s high demands. Our goal is to have 3 MG90s and 3 MG60s available each week, to support our customer’s rapid needs.

Order yours now to be ready for profitable contracts as they come!



--------------- JOB STORIES

Mare Island Levee California Repair  

Last summer 2020, Gilbert delivered a Grizzly MultiGrip MG90 to Hanford Arc, a construction company based in Petaluma, California.

In March 2021, Hanford Arc participated in the Mare Island Levee repair project.
Crews excavated trenches as they dug with the sheet pile. Despite the windy conditions, the job stayed on track and was successfully finished ahead of schedule.

Bruce Jensen, General Superintendent, and Company Safety Officer, said, "The Gilbert MG90 performed great on this project!"


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--------------- DEALER NEWS

TXDOT and Vancer installing sheet pile with MG60 in Denison, Texas 

The MG60 was purchased by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) recently to replace an older attachment that was not as advanced, or as efficient as the Grizzly. The Vancer Field Techs worked with the area Volvo dealer and installed the MG60 at the TXDOT site, which was located in Denison, TX. Recently, the Vancer trainer, Matt Baker, and the Accounts Manager, Joel Marreel, traveled to Denison TX to train and work with TXDOT as they began installing sheet pile for a retaining area along the road and lake. This was the first of 3 larger jobs that TXDOT has scheduled for MG60 as they had patiently waited for good weather and the MG60 to arrive and be installed!

Everything worked great, and the operator and crew commented on the smooth operation of the MG60.



--------------- OUR TECHNOLOGIES

Semi-Automatic free floating system

The Semi-Automatic Free Floating System assists the operator by reducing pile driving time by up to 40%. It allows the operator to put the excavator bucket cylinder on a floating mode during the pile driving process using the standard joystick. Once the first section of the pile is driven, the floating mode will signifi- cantly help maintain the initial angle of the pile without having to continuously adjust the movements of the boom throughout the action resulting in a steady pace.


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