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Issue 8

December 2019


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Lobbying Activity Deconstructed

In Ontario, all lobbyists are asked to describe their lobbying goal and provide information in at least one of six categories (seven, if they are a consultant lobbyist) on the registration form. But what information should be put in which category? In all cases, lobbyists are required to provide a clear description of their lobbying activity.

These are the categories in the Lobbying Activity section of a registration:

Legislative Proposal – Use this category to describe an idea or proposal that has not yet been drafted into new legislation. You should also use this category if you are proposing to repeal or modify existing legislation.

Bill and/or Resolution – If your activity involves a Bill or Resolution that is currently before the Legislative Assembly, provide the name and number of the Bill, and indicate whether you are lobbying for its introduction, passage, defeat or amendment.

Regulation – A regulation is a specific component of an existing law. When lobbying about a regulation, indicate whether you wish to create a new regulation or amend an existing regulation. Include the name of the Act linked to the regulation and, if applicable, the name and number of the existing regulation.

Policy and/or Program – Lobbying activity that focuses on changing an existing policy or government program should be outlined in this category. Describe the policy or provide the program name. Matters that may not fit neatly into the other categories can also be added here.

Decision to Sell Assets or Privatize – Use this category if you are attempting to influence government on an asset sale or a decision to privatize a government holding.

Grant and/or Contribution and/or Financial Benefit – Lobbyists who are asking the government for funding should provide the name of the grant program, or outline what the funding is for.

Awarding of Contract – Consultant lobbyists should provide information here if they are attempting to influence the awarding of a procurement matter or services contract.

See our resource on lobbying activity for more guidance on how to complete this section of the registration.

Lobbying Activity


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