VOLUME 12 No. 11 | MAY 30, 2022

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Most of our 65,000 APTS members have already filled out their membership form, and we’d like to thank all of you who’ve done so. If you haven’t yet completed your form, all you have to do is click on the adjacent image. It’ll only take a minute. Thanks in advance for stepping up.

The APTS and the FSSS-CSN sign
a solidarity protocol

In light of our upcoming contract talks in the public and parapublic sectors, the APTS and the FSSS-CSN have agreed on a solidarity protocol to work together on sectoral matters and other shared issues.

“This next round of contract talks will be critical for the health and social services system,” said the presidents of the two labour organizations, Réjean Leclerc (FSSS-CSN) and Robert Comeau (APTS). “In the last round, the government didn’t hesitate to use divisive politics, and in the face of the reforms announced by Minister Christian Dubé, it’s crucial that public-sector workers present a united front. This is not just about improving employees’ working conditions. It’s about ensuring quality services that are accessible to all Quebecers."

For more information, see the two unions’ joint press release.

Looking back at the
2022 Special Convention

Our 2022 Special Convention held in Québec City from May 16 to 19 was chiefly dedicated to completing the work of updating the APTS Constitution. The APTS political campaign was officially launched, and we had the opportunity to talk about issues related to both cultural diversity and gender and sexual diversity. For more information, see the latest issue of The APTS in Convention.

Fighting for a stronger public system

A strong union for a strong public system is the slogan of the APTS political campaign, launched during the APTS Convention with some 500 enthusiastic and committed delegates demonstrating in front of the National Assembly. The campaign over the next months will serve as a springboard for the APTS to demand that Québec MNAs and senior managers in health and social services facilities adopt the bold public policies that are needed to provide Quebecers with high-quality, accessible and forward-looking public services.

See our press release for more information on the demands put forward in the APTS campaign.

Groupes de médecine familiale
a clear failure after 20 years

It’s been 20 years since family medicine groups (GMFs) were set up, and the government says it’s going to expand their role and their funding over the next few years – but this is a model that has clearly failed. The latest IRIS factsheet (in French) shows that even though they’ve received significant amounts of public funding and the unwavering support of successive governments, these largely private clinics are far from achieving the three objectives that are supposed to constitute their core mission: providing Quebecers with increased access to family doctors, reducing the pressure on overcrowded emergency departments, and ensuring access to frontline psychosocial services. Worth reading and sharing!

Rising prices for prescription drugs:
a problem for all of us

Our hybrid public/private prescription drug insurance plan is inefficient, unfair, and increasingly expensive. Not 100% sure that this is the case? The Coalition solidarité santé (CSS), of which the APTS is a member, has published a factsheet (in French) highlighting the serious flaws and repercussions of this model and demonstrating the need for a public, universal drug insurance plan. Once you’ve read the document, there’s something you can do right away: copy the CSS letter, personalize it if you want to, and send it to your MNA. Thank you for supporting this collective mobilization effort!

Check your annual vacation leave

On May 1st, independently of any estimates periodically prepared by your employer, the definitive figure for your bank of annual vacation leave was posted – which means it’s time to check the number of days you’ve been allotted. This is particularly important because a new version of clause 23.02 has come into force, which says that any employee can now be credited with all years of service accumulated in the health and social services system.

Employees with at least one year of service on April 30 are entitled to 20 working days of annual vacation leave. After 17 years of service, employees are entitled to additional vacation days (23.03 NP). Service is calculated in calendar years and includes the duration of your employment with any employer in the health and social services system.

WEBINAR | Making sense of the RREGOP and other pension plans

Whether you’re on the verge of retiring or are just starting out in your career, this info-session will give you a good grasp of what’s needed to optimize your contributions to your pension plan.

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