Veille hebdomadaire de l'actualité musicale et du spectacle

4 avril 2022



Cette semaine, la veille recense plusieurs sujets d'intérêt dont:



Communications du secteur culturel

Rapport - Les femmes dans l’industrie musicale canadienne francophone

Au terme de cette vaste étude, plus de 600 témoignages ont pu être recueillis et analysés. Ceux-ci ont permis de relever les défis particuliers rencontrés par les femmes dans le secteur et de faire ressortir des pistes de solution pouvant favoriser leur épanouissement professionnel.

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Pratiques industrielles et artistiques

Number of top women musicians has grown just 1.5% in 10 years [new USC Annenberg Study]

Just 23.3% of artists on the 2021 Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Chart were women. That’s a rise of just 1.5% from 21.8% in 10 years and 1,000 songs. The total percentage of women in the U.S population is 51%.
Just 14.4% of songwriters were women, according to the study, up just 1.7% in the last 10 years. Women represent just 2,8% of top music producers.

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Confirmed: Universal IS disregarding unrecouped balances for heritage artists

The policy was announced within UMG’s Environment Social Governance (ESG) report, included in its Annual Report 2021

In the report, which also highlights initiatives on artist welfare, climate change and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, among other subjects, UMG says it will be launching what it calls a “worldwide goodwill program for certain legacy featured recording artists and songwriters”.

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Consommation médiatique et de biens culturels

Are super-short songs about to take off on Spotify?

If artists without labels and radio plays can reach thousands of fans online, but those fans only want to use 30-second snippets of these songs for their own content creation, will musicians and artists just create shorter songs with killer hooks?

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House music is alive and well in South Africa

In much of the world, house music has already had its day — but in South Africa, it is pop music. Here's why this musical genre has remained king.

If you travel to South Africa, you will hear house music, and you'll hear different versions of it in every corner of the country like amapiano, it's the latest subgenre to take over the country.

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Politiques publiques

Musique en ligne : des redevances records pour les artistes du Canada qui atteignent… 67,00 $

Les mesures contenues dans le projet de loi C-11 permettraient non seulement de faire connaître la musique canadienne à un plus grand public, mais aussi d'augmenter les redevances aux musiciens et musiciennes.

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US Copyright Royalty Board rejects proposal to keep mechanical royalty on discs and downloads unchanged

The US Copyright Royalty Board has published a statement on its review of what royalty rate should be paid to songwriters and music publishers when discs and downloads are sold Stateside, concluding that a proposed settlement put forward by the major record companies and the National Music Publishers Association – which would have kept the current rate in force – is not a “reasonable basis” on which to set the rate for 2023 to 2027.

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Global Value of Music Copyright is bigger now than it’s ever been

The record label trade body IFPI offers a historical data set in their 2021 annual report, going back to 2001. At that time, the recorded music market was $23.6bn – a figure that’s comprised almost entirely by CD sales. 
Nevertheless, that 2001 figure gives us a large piece of the jigsaw puzzle to work out the value of music copyright at the time that nostalgia-types refer to it as its peak. A second piece of the puzzle comes from the twelfth edition of the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) International Survey of Music Publishing Revenues – a report that has since been discontinued.

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PPL Announces $35 Million International-Revenue Distribution For Q1 '22

The UK’s Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) has announced that it paid out almost $35 million (£26.3 million) in international revenue to some 26,000 rightsholders and performers for the first quarter of 2022.

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Actualités techno

Spotify Expands 'Blend' Playlist for Up to 10 People – Artists Included

Blended playlists allow two users to see and share their music tastes with one another on Spotify. But the feature is expanding to allow Blends with up to ten people. Spotify has also announced it is partnering with artists to create Blends with their musical tastes.

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Shazam s'associe à Bandsintown pour offrir une nouvelle fonctionnalité

Shazam s'enrichit de Bandsintown afin que ses utilisateurs soient au courant des prochains concerts de passage dans leur ville.

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