VOLUME 9 No. 6 | MARCH 25, 2019

Some relief

The APTS was once again present at the government’s budget meeting held behind closed doors. We lauded the 5.4% increase in the envelope for health and social services, a reinvestment that will especially benefit eldercare and home care. We nonetheless decry the lack of improvements in public health, mental health, the program for clients with intellectual disabilities or autism, and assistance for troubled youth – sectors where our members are encountering major difficulties and an untenable level of work overload. On the premises, the vice-president of the APTS spoke to the media to warn the government against “robbing Peter to pay Paul." Check out our analysis of the budget.

Fighting stifling bureaucracy

The MSSS is forcing integrated centres to ensure that 90% of the people who receive home support services obtain an assessment and an up-to-date response plan by March 31, to determine the funding for the coming year. Yet in a number of regions, the priority given to this administrative exercise based on the OCCI tool (computerized clinical treatment pathway) is seriously undermining our members’ ability to meet the clinical needs of service users. On March 21, the General Council voted to roll out a communication and mobilization plan the day after the scheduled meeting with the CPNSSS (management bargaining committee for the health and social services sector), if the latter doesn’t formally promise to follow up on the APTS demands concerning the OCCI. For details, see the APTS web page devoted to the OCCI and keep an eye out for the upcoming newsletter, L’APTS en conseil général. The English version of the newsletter will follow soon.


OPTILAB: is the minister's mind made up?

The government has announced brand new hub labs for Laval and the Montérégie and imminent dates for the transfer of lab tests, for other lab clusters. These developments leave us perplexed. Has the minister concluded her deliberations and decided that OPTILAB has to go ahead despite our warnings? We were nonetheless promised a meeting with the ministerial team and an opportunity to be heard. We're waiting impatiently. If the government forges ahead without taking into account our concerns and without the support of the various parties concerned, it will face a lot of hurdles. François Legault’s inconsistency will be in the spotlight, given his clear opposition to the OPTILAB reform during the electoral campaign. We firmly intend to get our message across and demand the truth, once and for all. At a press release on March 19, the APTS president was already expressing irritation at the new signs that the ministerial representatives were refusing to listen to reason. Other actions will follow after we’ve consulted members of the provincial OPTILAB table, which will meet on April 1.


Improvements in the Québec Pension Plan

To make sense of the improvements to the Québec Pension Plan, you can find all the information you need on the Retraite Québec website. A video summarizing the concepts is also available.

Planning your retirement

To have an idea of the revenue you’ll need once you’ve retired, take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the tools available on the Retraite Québec website. Note that the advice of a financial planner can also be helpful.

SimulR is an interactive tool that enables you to simulate the income you’ll have after you retire. It offers a personalized comprehensive overview of your financial situation upon retirement and of your possible sources of revenue. You first have to set up a clicSÉQUR account.

Contact Retraite Québec 

For any question about these tools or the changes in the Québec Pension Plan, you can contact the Retraite Québec customer service office between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

Québec City region: 418 643-5185
Montréal region: 514 873-2433
Toll free: 1 800 463-5185

The APTS in General Council

A number of resolutions were adopted by the 300 or so delegates at the General Council on March 20 and 21. The newsletter L’APTS en conseil général will provide an overview on our website in the next few days, under Publications. The English translation will subsequently be posted on our English page.