The RCI is Kicking off 2019 by Supporting 11 New Quality Improvement Projects

Congratulations to the recipients of RCI's 2019 Quality Improvement Seed Fund! 

The RCI QI Seed Fund supports site-based projects whose goal is to improve medical care for residents in long term care homes, through a focus on the RCI Best Practices and enhanced team-based care. 

This year's projects focus on improvements to medication review processes, streamlining physician-site team communications and documentation by enhancing electronic charting pathways, and organizing care conference processes to increase efficiency and physician attendance. Read more about the projects here.

Funding & Support for Site-Focused RCI Activities

It’s a new year – make sure you’re receiving all the funding available to you!

Use our handy checklist to ensure you’re not missing out on money for meeting refreshments, participation in quality improvement activities, and more.

Funding Checklist

Quality Improvement Corner 

Did you know RCI has a clinical resource library?

Click below to find articles, clinical guidelines, and other resources on dementia, diabetes, palliative care, and more.

Clinical Resources

Upcoming Events

March 7-10, 2019: The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine Annual Conference

Attendees will be exposed to the latest clinical developments in geriatric medicine, best practices in medical direction, policy updates and more.

Event Calendar

News and Trends in Health Care

Optimizing Practices, Use, Care and Services—Antipsychotics (OPUS-AP): Improving Quality of Life in LTC Facilities. A Quebec-wide project, OPUS-AP is updating antipsychotic practices and working to reduce or eliminate these medications. Learn more about the project.

Improve Care and Quality of Life for Dementia Patients, Expert Panel Urges. A new report by the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences aims to guide a national dementia strategy for Canada. Read the article and access the report. 

Meet the RCI Community

Introducing Catherine Ryan! 

As a nurse practitioner, Catherine is inspired by the residents she cares for. "Practicing in long term care provides a daily reminder that life is finite, so it’s never too soon to go for that goal."

Meet Catherine

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The Vic-SI RCI launched in 2015, with an emphasis on improving medical care for all residents in care homes, through engaging and supporting physicians to meet the provincial RCI Best Practice Expectations (BPEs), and facilitating collaborative system change with physicians, care home staff teams, and Island Health. Learn more here.

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