An artist rendering of The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus, showing the exterior of the main building at dusk.

A current home dialysis machine at The Ottawa Hospital's Home Dialysis Unit

Adapting to patient need:

The Ottawa Hospital's new campus increasing access to life-sustaining dialysis


For people living with kidney disfunction or kidney failure, dialysis is an essential treatment that helps them maintain a quality of life – literally making the difference between life or death. With more than 900 patients receiving dialysis treatment, The Ottawa Hospital has one of the largest renal programs in Canada.

March is Kidney Health Month, and today is World Kidney Day. Learn how teams at TOH are planning for the future of renal care with an expanded nephrology unit at our new campus that will increase access to life-sustaining dialysis. Read more. 

Research and innovation play a significant role in The Ottawa Hospital's plans to reshape the future of health care

Expanding research and innovation at The Ottawa Hospital's new campus


The Ottawa Hospital’s world-class care is supported and driven by research and innovation. As one of the top research hospitals in Canada, teams at TOH make new discoveries every day; many with real-world results. By integrating research spaces into clinical areas as much as possible at the new campus and creating more opportunities for researchers and clinicians to collaborate, we can provide our patients with new and potentially life-saving treatment options and continuously improve care.

Read more to learn how TOH can expand discovery and innovation at the new campus.