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June 2022 | Ontario and Western Canada Edition


Ontario Farm Profile

Kevin and Steve Jones of Shady Glen Farms are always looking to see what opportunities lie in their herd data. As the #1 best managed Jersey herd in Ontario and 22nd top managed robot herd in Canada, all eyes are on the future. Read about their early genotyping success in the Ontario Progress Report.

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Longevity and Culling

The Secret to a Sustainable and Profitable Dairy

Are innovative animal comfort and welfare practices the secret to a sustainable and profitable dairy?

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How to Have a Successful Transition Period?

Without an optimal transition period, it is possible to have metabolic disorders after calving. In fact, a case of mastitis can cost up to $662/case for vet fees, milk loss and extra labor.

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Expert Tips

Did you know that the critical time to monitor a calf’s life is within the first 72 hours? In fact, a good follow-up program starts at dry-off. Here are eight tips for excellent calf care for a profitable and sustainable herd.

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Did you know...

The dairy industry continues to see a rise in the use of sexed semen and beef sire semen. In fact, between 2017 and 2021, the use of beef sire semen to breed Holsteins increased from 9% to 23% in Canada.

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Productive Life

We know that quality milk brings a bigger milk cheque and can help you get a better pulse on your herd to improve your bottom line.

  • Boost performance and mesure progress
  • Manage treatment plans
  • Practice Selective Dry Cow Therapy (sDCT)
  • Understand profit values
  • Achieve greater control and predictability
  • Enable benchmarking
  • Provide information to advisors

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Can My On-Farm Software Report Traceability Events?

Certain on-farm herd management software tools have created a traceability module. This module, within the software, allows a direct connection to DairyTrace for reporting. Reach out to your software rep about solutions that support traceability requirements.

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Environmental Sustainability Seen By DFC

Canadians are increasingly making purchase decisions based on their values, and one of the most influential factors is environmental sustainability. Consumers want to be assured that the brands they support share their values and are dedicated to causes that resonate with them. For dairy farmers, this is an opportunity to promote and celebrate an ongoing commitment to environmental

stewardship, and it is in this spirit that Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) recent commitment to reach net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from farm-level dairy production by 2050.

DFC’s net-zero 2050 goal is being supported by a creative advertising campaign that will show Canadians that our dairy farmers are prioritizing people and the planet – something they’ve been doing for years. The campaign is called “I’m In” and it will remind consumers that they can trust Canadian dairy farmers to honour their unique bond with the land, as they demonstrate real sustainable farming practices that are in place today as we all strive for a sustainable tomorrow.

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