VOLUME 10 No. 12 | DECEMBER 15, 2020

Professional cards

The APTS is offering you two kinds of professional card: a neutral model, with lines on the back to write down your contact info and relevant information, and a model with the name of the president of your local executive. If you want the neutral model, you must specify a quantity; for the second model, you will receive a box of 250 cards.

Please send your order to Muriel Beaudet (mbeaudet@aptsq.com), indicating:

  • the address where you would like the cards to be sent
  • for the neutral model, how many cards you want 
  • for the card with the president’s name:

        -   full name
        -   region (if you are an extra-territorial partner lab,
            please say so)
        -   phone number
        -   email address

APTS working committee on work overload

As specified in the action plan on work overload presented at the last General Council, we are looking for people interested in joining the committee. Please send the name of a representative and a substitute to fbelleau@aptsq.com before December 23. If there is a local committee working on this issue within your executive, we suggest you give priority to one of its members.

Key dates:

  • Working meetings – January 29 and March 31, 2021
  • Training sessions – February 15 and March 9, or February 22 and March 16, 2021

Virtual General Council, January 12-14

As announced by email on December 11, elections to the following positions will be held at the General Council on January 12-14, 2021:

  • one position on the Provincial Council for the Côte-Nord
  • one replacement for a Provincial Council position for Mauricie-et-Centre-du-Québec
  • one replacement for a Provincial Council position for Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal
  • one replacement for a Provincial Council position for Montérégie-Centre
  • four positions on the committee for a reserve fund
  • one position on the provincial feminist action committee

Election notices, election procedures and candidacy forms are available in the members-only section of the website under Outils/Instances/Conseil général/Documents CG virtuel 12 au 14 janvier 2021.

Interested persons have until noon on December 22 to submit their candidacy.

As usual, delegates’ registration will take place through GEMS. The deadline for registration is January 6, 2021. Please note that no registration will be accepted after that date.

New rate for group insurance

Don’t forget that in 2021, the new rate for the group insurance plan will apply beginning April 1 rather than January 1. This change was approved by the General Council following a call for bids in 2019. We're sending you this reminder now, and all members will be notified early in 2021.

APTS calendar for 2021

2021 calendars in the form of a poster have been designed for APTS members and will be sent to you in a few days. The ratio is one calendar per seven members.