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Here are some updates from our current research projects.


12th Annual Symhttps://agingresearch.ca/symposiumposium Returns

November 15, 2022 | 8am - 5pm

Save the Date! CIRA and York Care Centre will be hosting their 12th annual Aging Care & Research Symposium on November 15, 2022, during #HealthResearchWeek. This 12th annual event is taking place at the Fredericton Convention Centre in partnership with UNB/ NB-IRDT, MEKTU, Horizon Health Network, and NBHRF. The speakers are from a variety of fields related to aging including long-term care, the community, health, government, and academia. All are welcome! The application deadline for speakers and exhibitors is September 30 and you can apply here. If you would like to nominate someone for the Lieutenant Governor Excellence in Aging Award that is being presented at the Symposium, please contact symposium@ycc-cira.ca or apply here

  • In-person and virtual tickets | Billets en personne et virtuels
  • Student and senior discounts | Rabais pour les étudiants et les seniors
  • Simultaneous English & French translations | Traductions simultanées en Anglais et en Français
  • 8am - 5pm, lunch included | 8h00-17h00, dinner inclus
  • Tickets start at $50 and are available on Eventbrite | Les billets commencent à 50$ et sont disponibles sur Eventbrite

Contact Justine Henry: (506) 444-3880 ext 2562 or symposium@ycc-cira.ca if you’d like more info or are interested in presenting, exhibiting, or sponsoring.


Virtual Reality For Rehab

We are leading a research study to see if Virtual Reality (VR) can help motivate older adults to do regular rehabilitative exercise while reducing some of the barriers usually faced, such as transportation, cost, and accessibility. VR activities are non-contact, adaptable, and easy to learn. They are performed using games (i.e., soccer) and general exercises presented on a TV that encourage coordination, balance, and movement. Eligible participants can perform customized VR exercises, sitting or standing, in the comfort of their own homes. If you are an older adult (65 years or older) living within 50 km of Fredericton, who has mobility/functional decline OR who simply wants to increase their physical activity, contact Lalita at 506-444-3880 ext. 2561 or Communications@ycc-cira.ca. Participants receive a $20 grocery gift card at the end to thank them for their participation. Recruitment deadline is September 1st, 2022.

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Passive Aware

Our PassiveAware project is inviting members of the community and those living in assisted living facilities to be a part of our research study. This project is completely free and federally funded by the Healthy Seniors Pilot Project. The goal of this project is to reduce feelings of stress and burden for informal caregivers and to enable older adults experiencing memory loss to more safely and comfortably age in place in their home and community through the use of passive-monitoring technology. To learn more, call Jo-Ann Kenny at 506-444-3880 ext 2565 or email jakenny@ycc-cira.ca.

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Improving Immunization Rates

Our CANImmunize project is looking for participants. Older adults from Fredericton in assisted, retirement, or independent living and/or their caregivers are welcome to join and must have an email address. You will be asked to complete surveys on vaccines, create a digital vaccine record and receive reminders for out-of-date shots. After completing the study, you’ll be entered in a draw to win a $50 gift card. Call Kelsey at (506)444-3880 ext 2540 or krusk@ycc-cira.ca for more info.

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Many older adults in long-term care facilities are taking medications that may be causing them harm, have little to no benefit, and are no longer needed. Taking a high number of medications, or a combination of certain medications increases the risk of harm and the potential for adverse drug events. MedReviewRx, powered by MedSafer technology, is a web-based application to help improve medication use in long-term care residents. MedReviewRx cross-references long-term care residents’ medication information with drug information from MedSafer, with the goal of producing a deprescribing report for healthcare providers to review. The report highlights any medications that could potentially be harmful, as well as medications that could be tapered or stopped. We look forward to the positive outcomes of using this app with long-term care residents. For additional information, or to ask any questions, please contact Cody Davenport, Research Coordinator, at CDavenport@ycc-cira.ca


Our project titled “Reconnecting with GENIE” is currently underway at 10 long-term care facilities across the province. This month, we are onboarding 100 older adults living in long-term care to the study – 50 of whom will be using GENIE and 50 of whom will serve as a statistical control. For the next 6 months, we will be working with our long-term care home partners to assess the impact of GENIE on social isolation, mood, and health indicators of older adult participants. We will also be asking residents’ family members and staff to share their experiences with GENIE in order to form a well-rounded picture of GENIE’s impact on the long-term care environment.

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Narrative Project

On tower three of the York Care Centre, the narrative project is currently underway and our students and staff are working towards interviewing each resident on the unit! Residents, staff, and loved ones can soon look forward to seeing the personalized posters with their biography and family photos displayed. Narrative care in long-term care settings is especially important in order to hear each resident’s stories and to share these stories and experiences with others.

Augmented Reality Project

2RaceWithMe is designed to promote increased physical activity in older adults. Project collaborators include CIRA, Centivizer, Inc., Université de Moncton and the Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau Brunswick. The project has been implemented at York Care Centre in Fredericton and Faubourg du Mascaret in Moncton, New Brunswick. The technology being tested is the 2RaceWithMe, developed by Centivizer, Inc. This system includes a pedaler or “bike”, a small computer, TV screen, webcam, and a button box to access the video/audio library. Project participants, seated in an armchair or their wheelchair, can use the hand or foot pedals or both. While participants are pedaling, they can watch over 200 scenic videos of the Maritimes, other Canadian provinces, and Europe. Quantitative and qualitative data is collected both pre-and post-intervention. Sample data includes grip strength, health status, use and enjoyment of technology, number of pedal revolutions, and direct feedback from participants.

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Palliative e-Learning

The purpose of this project is to improve the experience of staff in applying a palliative approach to care and to improve the care experience and outcomes of older adults with serious illnesses and their families. We will investigate the impact of a Palliative Care Education Program at York Care Centre using online training modules combined with staff mentorship. A series of 12 online modules will be deployed each month, spanning several topics. The expected benefits are: to promote the advancement of the early approach to palliative care, increase staff confidence in administering a palliative approach to care, improve the care experiences for family members, and improve the care experiences and outcomes for residents living in long-term care. 

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The BrainTagger games from Centivizer will soon be play-tested with ten different residents in order to increase the quality of the video games specifically for long-term care settings. BrainTagger features five different games, designed to test aspects of cognitive status, and it is a fun and interactive way to help residents stay mentally stimulated!



These projects are funded by the Healthy Seniors Pilot project.  The Centre for Innovation and Research in Aging is located in York Care Centre in Fredericton, NB. 100 Sunset Drive, E3A 1A3.