Highlights of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District Board of Directors Meeting of May 4, 2023

The TNRD held its Board of Directors Meeting in the Twin Rivers Boardroom of the TNRD Civic Building in Kamloops, B.C. The meeting was held in-person and via Zoom, and a recording of the meeting was uploaded to the TNRD’s YouTube channel. You can view the recording here.

Chair’s Announcements

Board Chair Barbara Roden advised the Board that the TNRD is still looking for multiple volunteers for its Accessibility Advisory Committee. Under new provincial legislation, the TNRD must have an Accessibility Plan in place by September 1, 2023, and the mandate of the committee will be to advise the TNRD on the creation of that plan. More information is available at:

Delegation: BC Rural Health Network

Executive Director Paul Adams and Vice President Colin Moss of the BC Rural Health Network gave a presentation to the board, requesting that the TNRD become a member of organization.

Film Commission Update

Thompson-Nicola Film Commissioner Terri Hadwin gave a presentation to the Board with an update of ongoing projects and initiatives taking place within the Thompson-Nicola region.

Solid Waste Management Operations Contracts

The Board approved the awarding of the following contracts for solid waste facilities operations, maintenance and hauling services, effective July 1, 2023 (read the report here):

  • Thompson Valley Solid Waste Management Facilities Operations, Maintenance and Hauling Services to Borrow Enterprises, for a total estimated value of $16,987,081 over a 5-year term
  • Nicola Valley and Western TNRD Solid Waste Management Facilities Operations, Maintenance and Hauling Services to North-Wood Environmental Services, for a total estimated value of $16,533,300 over a 5-year term

Appointments to TNRD Boundary & Governance Review Committee

The Board appointed the following 14 Directors to the TNRD Boundary & Governance Review Committee: Director D. Bass, Director M. Blackwell, Director M. Grenier, Director K. Hall, Director D. Haughton, Director D. Laird, Director L. Morris, Director M. O’Reilly, Director L. Onslow, Chair B. Roden, Director B. Sarai, Vice Chair R. Smith, Director W. Stamer and Director T. Thorpe.

This committee will provide input on the development of a Terms of Reference and Scope of Work for an external TNRD Governance and Boundary Study, and the first meeting for this committee is expected to convene in September 2023. Read the report here.

Regional Solid Waste Management Plan Amendment

The Board adopted the Regional Solid Waste Management Plan Amendment Policy. The Amendment Policy establishes a clear process for any future amendments to the Regional Solid Waste Management Plan, and provides guidance to the TNRD and proponents who request a Plan amendment. Read the report here.

At the April 20, 2023 Regional Solid Waste Management Committee, the Bonaparte First Nation gave a presentation about its proposed Timicw Good Earth Recycling Waste Facility, with the proposed site on Crown lease land. All landfills must be included in a Regional Solid Waste Management Plan and receive approval from the Province of BC on a case by case basis. View the presentation here.

The next TNRD Board Meeting is on May 18, 2023, at 1:30 pm.

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