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February 2023

Why We Love Data

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February is a very exciting month as we celebrate top herds across Canada and prepare to release our Herd Performance Index results and annual herd data to our clients. It's a great time to cheer on your farm team,
applaud your cows, and acknowledge your own successes.



Put Fertility First

The GestaLab milk test is an easy, fast and affordable option for confirming pregnancies in your herd. Order as a standalone or as part of your routine milk recording!

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Open Industry Session 

Join us at our virtual Open Industry Session on February 23rd to discover what's new in dairy genetics and learn more about what's coming in April 2023.

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Subclinical Ketosis

Subclinical ketosis affects up to 40% of cows at the start of lactation. The only way to manage it is to test for it, as visible signs are often absent.

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🔎 Leukosis testing returns

Be proactive: considering the silent nature of the disease, testing for Leukosis is one of the best ways to evaluate its prevalence in your herd to create a management and control plan.

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Celebrate With Us

3 - 2 - 1 . . . we are almost there! Get ready to meet the top performing herds in the industry as Lactanet shines a spotlight on its Herd Performance Index and reveals Canada’s Best Managed Dairy Herds for 2022. Join us live on YouTube, and enter the waiting room before 1:00 PM (EST) on Tuesday February 21, 2023!

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Last Call for Resolutions 

The Lactanet Resolutions process allows all dairy producers in Canada the opportunity to submit, discuss and vote on non-binding resolutions. The ideas shared are a catalyst for best practices, knowledge sharing and collective evolution. Resolutions must be received by March 1, 2023.

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