Adressed to friends of the YWCA Montreal and of its Foundation

Because the best is yet to come for women


CEO, YWCA Montreal

Executive Director, Women's Y Foundation

Dear friends of the YWCA Montreal and of its Foundation,

Welcome to the world of FUTURE, our quarterly newsletter. We will cover issues affecting Montreal’s women and girls, tell you about our current solutions to everyday problems, and also explore additional services that will be available thanks to YWCA Montreal’s 2023 Plan for the Future. It brings us great joy to know that you’re reading this! At the tail end of the pandemic’s third wave, we hope that your ties to us are as strong as ever and that your commitment is just as inspired. The objective of our newsletter, FUTURE, is to share with you what propels us in this great movement that we’ve set in motion.

In this first edition, the YWCA gives its two cents on the glaring topic that is the housing crisis: facts and anticipated solutions. The Foundation is running a major fundraising campaign and invites you to read about what motivates its co-chairs. We will also provide you with the latest news on the implementation of our 2023 Plan for the Future. And lastly, we invite you to explore our latest campaign to raise awareness about sexism and media stereotypes.

Let’s get this conversation started. If any of these topics have piqued your curiosity and you’re compelled to act...

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Women, inclusion and the housing crisis - by Diana Pizzuti, YWCA Montreal Programs director

Was this unexpected? This year, Quebec media didn't wait until July 1st to point out the shortage of available, affordable and safe housing.

In Montreal, it’s a veritable crisis, resulting from a situation exacerbated by the pandemic, which impacted mostly women, and to an even greater extent, single-parent women, women who are young, old, immigrants or racialized, Indigenous or women who have a disability.

The YWCA Montreal has long taken an interest in this issue, and we provide both facts on and solutions to this problem.

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Women's Y Foundation major campaign co-chairs

Chief Operation Officer, National Bank

It is with great pleasure that I've taken on the role of Co-Chair of the YWCA Montreal’s campaign and I’m honoured to be sharing this role with Helen Antoniou.

The social impact of this essential organization has compelled the National Bank to proudly support the YWCA for many years now. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the inequalities experienced by the vulnerable members of our society. The YWCA 2023 Plan for the Future will offer even more services suited to the needs of these populations, thus contributing towards building a better future. Our vision is that of a society in which all members have the power to reach their full potential.

I would like to thank everyone who is supporting the cause. Your commitment contributes towards changing the lives of many people finding themselves in a vulnerable situation.

It’s in combining our efforts that we can, together, contribute towards promoting more inclusive, egalitarian and flourishing communities.

Executive coach, public speaker et autor

It is with great enthusiasm and conviction that I have joined Laurent Ferreira as Co-Chair of the major fundraising campaign to support YWCA Montreal in its 2023 Plan for the Future. I have full confidence in this 145-year-old Montreal institution, and in its impact on the present and the future of women and girls living here. And I'm convinced that together we have the power to prepare the future, starting now. Over the decades to come, the programming upgrades and new planned installations at the heart of the Future Plan will contribute equally towards offering women greater access to more innovative community services.

I urge you to join the movement and support our major fundraising campaign. This is a tangible way to accelerate the impact of the YWCA on the lives of all Montreal women. A way to better support the driving force behind change as epitomized by the YWCA, not just for women, but also for our society, one that needs to be more inclusive, more egalitarian, less violent.

Let’s get involved for them, and for Montreal...together.


  • Good news: Our major fundraising campaign’s goal of 10 million dollars has been surpassed by 60%. Our objective is to upgrade programming offered by the YWCA Montreal as part of our 2023 Plan for the Future. In fact, we’ve raised $6.1 million to date! And we’re going to keep at it... Interested in contributing? Do you want to transform the future of Montreal women and girls? Contact Isabelle Lajeunesse for more information: ilajeunesse@ydesfemmesmtl.org
  • By the way, the real estate project is going well... Note that we now have the final plans and specifications for the community phase in this bright, open and welcoming new place. Construction should start at the end of summer. At the same time, the architects are continuing to work on developing the residential phase. Construction for this phase will start approximatively 6 months after the community phase. Here are some photos of the community-oriented building.


  • Could advertising be an effective tool in creating a diverse and inclusive society? The YWCA Montreal believes it can be.

    In collaboration with Grenier aux nouvelles and thanks to the support of the Secrétariat à la condition féminine du Québec, the YWCA launched a campaign to raise awareness of sexism and stereotypes in advertising.

    Click here to know more about this campaign

  • Isabelle Lajeunesse, Executive Director of the Women’s Y Foundation of Montreal, would like to introduce the new CEO of the YWCA Montreal, Nadine Raymond, who stepped into her position on May 17 of this year.

    An accomplished manager with more than 20 years of experience in operational management, strategic planning, communications and marketing, Nadine Raymond is also fully committed to social and feminist causes.

    Click here to find out more about her and what motivates her.