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We are happy to share with you what happened in the last months and how we rapidly adapted to the challenges the pandemic brought up.

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--------------- WHAT'S NEW

4 Remote Start-ups During the Pandemic

Gilbert’s high-tech remote technology and virtual support systems prove to be more valuable than ever during this unprecedented pandemic. Four successful planer starts-ups in the past few months speak to how the Gilbert team is ready and equipped to face all its customers’ needs, no matter what the challenge.



Three Gilbert S-Series Planer installed at the Katerra CLT Facility

In September 2019, Katerra opened a 270,000 sq. ft. facility in Spokane Valley, Washington dedicated to the production of CLT structural systems with the possibility to make additional mass timber products in the future.

Katerra purchased three Gilbert S-Series Planer: “The wood goes through the first set of planers and gets to near-net-size there,” says Jason Herman, Plant General Manager. “Then, on planers two and three, it gets to net-size. Once it travels through the finger jointer, the product makes a continuous ribbon of lumber up to 60 feet, so we can do our layups in our press.”


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Planer conversion at Lincoln Lumber, Jasper, Texas

During the Portland Show 2018, Blake Barrington, Plant Manager at Lincoln Lumber from Jasper, TX started investigating for a solution to improve his plant productivity. After meeting at the Show, and a visit on site in Texas, Lincoln Lumber chose to work with Gilbert to upgrade their Yates A20 planer with a new Electric Motorization, Automatic Cutterhead Positioning system and Feed Table improvements.

In June 2019, Gilbert and Lincoln’s team successfully completed the installation. Blake Barrington, Plant Manager, states ‘’we have improved our uptime by 98%. Before we had the electric drive system in place our planer was our choke point and now nothing stops the planer. This was 100% worth having in our mill.’’.


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--------------- WORLDWIDE NEWS

Gilbert and Scantec partner together for German representation 

Gilbert is proud to announce that Scantec Industrieanlagen GmbH has been appointed as its official agent for the Gilbert Planermill Division in the DACH region and Eastern Europe.


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Second planer on its way to Red Stag Timber in
New Zealand 

The first planer was installed and started up in January 2018. It was a Gilbert High Speed Planer designed to run 1200 mpm. The second planer on its way to New Zealand is a Gilbert Moulder Planer, designed to run special moulding patterns. We are extremely thankful to work with Red Stag on a second project, and strongly appreciate our long term relationship.



--------------- FEATURED UPGRADES

Gilbert Safety Jointers

Semi-Automatic Top & Bottom and Side Head Jointers

Controlled by the Gilbert Positionning System, outside the planer room - Safety, our priority !

In addition to being much safer for the operator, Gilbert jointers provide better quality lumber ! They reduce grinding time and noticeably increase knife lifetime giving you a rapid payback on knives. These user-friendly upgrades are available on the existing Gilbert Planers.


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