VOLUME 12 No. 8 | APRIL 19, 2022

PETITION | We want decent working conditions in the DI-TSA mission

Your colleagues working with clients who have an intellectual disability or an autism spectrum disorder (DI-TSA) shoulder many responsibilities, including the delivery of adjustment and rehabilitation services. Unfortunately, their mission has been underfunded for years and their workload has been increased by excessive administrative demands, employee turnover, and lack of personnel. The APTS invites you to show solidarity by sharing the video below and signing our online petition.

For more information, see our Bleu APTS article on rehabilitation centres for clients with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorders: “Démystifier la mission CRDITSA”.

PETITION | We want sustainable solutions to attract the next generation of lab workers

Your colleagues in labs provide the basis for 85% of the diagnoses established in the health and social services system. They’re a key link in the chain, or, to put it even more simply: No lab? No hospital! During National Medical Laboratory Week, the APTS paid tribute to them with a video focusing on their expertise and their crucial contribution to Quebecers’ health.

Already hurting from the OPTILAB reform and the pandemic, the lab sector is now facing more and more labour shortage problems as new employees become increasingly rare. The APTS invites you to show solidarity by signing the online petition asking the government to put “Biomedical Laboratory Technology 140.C0” on the list of programs eligible for Québec Perspective Scholarships.

The future of the labour movement: building bridges and achieving victories

May 1st is coming up, and this seems like the right time to ask questions about the challenges faced by the labour movement. You’re the people most concerned by these challenges, and we hope you’ll join us for an evening of discussion on April 29. APTS president Robert Comeau and leaders of the CSN, CSQ, CSD, FAE, FTQ, and FIQ will go live on Facebook to talk about their intuitions, concerns and solutions for a strong and democratic labour movement. Sign up now to tell us you’ll be there!

Privatizing healthcare: market growth is getting in the way of access 

People have been debating the private sector’s role in Québec healthcare for a long time. Recently, the pandemic gave us another opportunity to look at this issue and all of its ramifications, particularly in the aftermath of scandals such as the CHSLD Herron tragedy in Dorval. In a series of fact sheets, IRIS analyzes the role of the private sector in Québec healthcare and its impact on our ability to access care. Highly instructive!