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Why Attend the Annual National Formation (ANF)

A question regularly comes up: “Is it appropriate or does the Rule allow for Conferences and Councils to use their funds to assume the costs for members to attend National and Regional meetings?”

The answer is a definite “YES”! It is appropriate and allowed, and it is also a very important and smart way to improve how you serve your neighbours in need, make your Conference or Council better and more effective, grow your membership, develop deeper spiritually, and deepen friendship and community within the Society across the country.

Section 4.A.3.12 Formation of Members of the Rule states:

It is essential that the Society continually promote the formation and training of its members and officers, to deepen their knowledge of the Society and their spirituality, improve the sensitivity, quality, and efficiency of their service to the poor and help them be aware of the benefits, resources and opportunities that are available for the poor. The Society also offers members higher training to better help to raise the cultural and social level of those who request this support.

What is the ANF? The Annual National Formation is an inspiring and uplifting event bringing together Vincentians from across Canada to network, enjoy each other’s company sharing experiences of living out our mission of serving people in need, and celebrating common values of spirituality, friendship, and service.

Who should attend? All Vincentians who are passionate about the role they play in their conference or council mission to serve people in need with love, respect, justice, and joy.

Why should you attend? A core value of being a Vincentian is to come together as a family. This is a family reunion where we build relationships and strengthen our friendship, learning from the various experiences of our brothers and sisters in active service across Canada.

How will this make a difference? By sharing stories and experiences, listening to guest speakers, and learning new information from attending workshops (in English and in French) on several topics, you will leave the event richer in knowledge, spiritual growth and new friendships with Vincentians and will have excellent information to share with your Conference and Council members to help carry out our mission.

Vincentians are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to come together!

Be prudent, be smart! Support Vincentians to attend the ANF! And do not just send your leadership, but look for emerging leaders, Committee leaders, spiritual leaders, and new people who will come back and fire up your Conference and Council members.


Linda Dollard, President
National Council of Canada



Registrations for the Annual National Formation (ANF) conference that will take place at THE SOUTHERN ALBERTA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (SAIT) in Calgary on June 20 - 22, 2024 are now open.

The theme for the 2024 ANF is SERVING IN HOPE.


We have confirmed three plenary speakers for the 2024 ANF, Most Rev. William McGrattan, Bishop of Calgary, John Foppe, St. Louis Council Executive Director, SVDP USA, and Paul Nazareth, VP Education & Development at CAGP. The statutory meeting, a.k.a. as the Annual General Assembly (AGA), will also take place on Saturday June 22, 2024.


This time together offers more than just information. It gives us the connection and the sense of belonging that nourishes the soul and revives our faith. We hope to see a lot of you there!

Click here for a special message from Paul Nazareth.

National Formation Committee


You are being introduced to some new Committee Chairs in this month’s newsletter. Stay tuned for more Committee Chair introductions next month. Thank you to all Vincentians across Canada carrying out our mission of serving people in need. Feel free to reach out to me at should you have comments on how we can support you.

Linda Dollard, President
National Council of Canada

Jose Torres
Spirituality Chair

I have been an active member of the St. John of the Cross Conference in Mississauga, Ontario for the last four years, where I am also the lead Champion of the Seeds of Hope. Driven by my other passion, I have since March 2022 contributed monthly spiritual reflections for use by the Greater Toronto Central Council (GTCC) conferences and councils across the region in their monthly meetings, and since June 2022, essays and spiritual reflections to the SSVP Canada Newsletter.


Elaine McMurray
Social Justice Co-Chair

I live, work and Play on the unceded territories of the Okanagan Silyx peoples. I have been a Society member off and on since 1992, beginning my journey in Calgary at Our Lady of the Assumption parish. I moved a lot but always stayed connected through friends. My next affiliation was St. Joseph, Calgary. I now am a member of Immaculate Conception Conference in Kelowna where I am the president of our Particular Council. I am a member of the SSVP National Housing Committee and the Advocacy Circle.


Ray Burke
Social Justice Co-Chair

Having served as a Vincentian for ten years, my role has been ever evolving while remaining focused on serving those in need. Conference president at St. Ignatius Parish in Bedford NS for five- and one-half years, chair of the Social Justice Committee for three years (Standing Committee to the Halifax Particular Council), committee member of the National Housing Committee and National Advocacy Circle. Most recently appointed as president of the sixteen-member conference for the Halifax Particular Council.




The SSVP National Advocacy Circle will be hosting a Webinar entitled: Basic Income Discussion featuring Senator Dr. Wanda Thomas Bernard on Saturday April 27 2024.

Basic Income has been touted by economists, CEOs and social advocates as a viable, effective and affordable means of alleviating poverty. This makes it especially relevant to our mission as Vincentians. Learn more about Basic Income here:

Canada's Top Economists Agree: Basic Income Works


Senator Wanda Thomas is a dynamic speaker who will hold an interactive discussion regarding Basic Income and Bill S-233, A National Framework for a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income Act.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about Basic Income on April 27, 1pm EST. Register for the one hour webinar and discussion:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.



North of 60 had an extremely busy summer sending food and household goods to 10 different communities across Nunavut. Our Vincentian ability to gift and share food, helps to alleviate the struggles and stress of many families caused by extremely high food prices across Nunavut. Truthfully, the further north a community is situated, the higher the price per item paid…

View full report here:




The twinning program continues to develop through partnerships between conferences or councils in Canada and Vincentian entities in emerging countries and, through twinning projects. Projects comprise the 2 fundamental elements of the program: charity and social justice; this last element allows beneficiary communities to take charge of themselves and improve their living conditions in a sustainable manner.




Jesus looked up and saw rich people putting their gifts into the treasury; he also saw a poor widow put in two small copper coins. He said,”Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all of them; for all of them have contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty, has put in all she had to live on.”
(Luke 21.1-4)



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