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This week, we hear from long-time patient partner Pam Jessen about her PVN journey, introduce the new manager of PVN, share how Island Health has kept patient engagement at the forefront throughout COVID-19 and highlight five resources to support your engagement work!

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Bringing Her Best Skills to Make a Change

10 Years of PVN

“When I left that career behind because of health issues in 2009, I didn't think I'd ever find a way to feel fulfilled again. Working with PVN is even more satisfying because I'm able to work with others on projects that bring real benefits to everyday people...”

In this edition of our 10th anniversary blog series, patient partner Pam Jessen shares her journey with PVN and what drew her to join the network. She also tells us how being a PVN member has enabled her to share her story about living with chronic pain and led her to living a more fulfilled life again.

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Word in the Network

Welcome, Chelsea!

We're thrilled to introduce you to someone new who will be supporting patient engagement across BC!

Join us in welcoming Chelsea Hochfilzer as the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council's new manager of PVN! Chelsea has worked with the Council, which administers PVN, since 2012. She enjoys diving into complex issues, loves to connect with new people and is passionate about bringing diverse thinking and viewpoints to her work!

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Regional Round-Up

Patient partner Maggie Schulz and the Island Health Patient Experience Team share their account on how patient engagement has been impacted by COVID-19 and how they have found ways to move forward, together.

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Best and Brightest

As organizations continue to create resources and tools to support patient engagement, this week we're sharing an engagement readiness checklist to make sure your team is ready to start engaging patients, as well as a framework to help guide discussions around person- and family-centred care for real, tangible outcomes:

  • Are You Ready to Engage?: This handy checklist is a great conversation starter to ensure your team is ready to engage patients. It'll help you address concerns, provide educational resources and manage expectations related to patient engagement.
  • Patient and Family Engagement: This framework can help identify the level at which patient engagement can occur at your organization, from the direct care setting to incorporating patient engagement into organizational design, governance and policymaking.
  • Public Participation: Created by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), this document can help you explore and identify what level of influence patients, families and caregivers have on your decision or project.
  • Patient-Centred Care: You want to be more patient- and/or person-centred. What does that mean? What are the practical steps to get there? This roadmap can help guide those discussions with your team so it can provide person-centred care.
  • What's Important to You?: From the Auditor General of British Columbia, these common set of principles can help to stimulate discussions about what’s important to you. As an organization, it can help guide your approach or, as a patient partner, determine what really matters to you.

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