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August 2022

Management Solutions


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In case you missed it, we recently featured a series of three short articles from our techno-economic group. Our experts and advisors offer solutions to help you deal with rising interest rates and farm expenses.

  1. Understand the impact of rising interest rates and move into solution modeAdditional costs of $2,000 /month to $3,500 /month1
  2. Generate liquidity by improving the heifer/cow ratioSavings of $600 /month1
  3. Optimize forage production and useSavings up to $1,695 /month1

Numbers based on a 100-cow model farm

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Expert Tips for Raising Successful Calves 

To follow up on our previous article on 8 tips for excellent calf care from dry-off to calving, here are 13 practices to keep in mind for post-calving calf care.

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Know Your Feed Margin 

Lactanet's Robot Feed Margin: Findings and Feeding Strategies workshops evaluated participants' feed costs from December 2021 to January 2022. In this article, we have insight on the evolution of feed prices over time.

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Improved Selection for Feed Efficiency

Lactanet geneticists are working to implement changes to Feed Efficiency evaluations by including second lactation data and incorporating it into our national selection indexes: LPI and Pro$. These changes will now come into effect on the December 2022 release instead of August 2022.

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The Livestack Podcast 

Episode 1: "Dairy Data Ownership & Data at the farm level":

  • Featuring Liliana Fadul, Ph.D., Data Analyst at Lactanet

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Dairy Science Digest

Episode 7: "Is She Settled?" talking about new research in reproduction:

  • Featuring Jean Durocher, M.Sc., D.M.V., Herd Health Coordinator at Lactanet

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How can we help?

Progressive herd management

Selective Dry Cow Therapy (sDCT) is a great management practice to help reduce antimicrobial use and resistance. After all, not all cows require treatment at dry-off. If you are enrolled on Lactanet’s SCC analysis, the Udder Health report for sDCT is provided to you and your veterinarian at no extra cost.

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When an animal leaves my premise, will I be notified if the receiver reports a move-in?


Once an animal’s move-in event is reported, the record associated with the tag will be moved out of your on-farm inventory in DairyTrace1. You will not see the move-in event, but you may notice that the animal is no longer linked to the inventory of your premises and is now under a new premises ID#. By reporting traceability move-out events, your animal inventory is always up to date!

1 SimpliTrace in Québec

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