School of Kinesiology

Covid-19 FAQs

Throughout the pandemic, following the Covid-19 guidelines has been paramount in ensuring that we can continue to offer our programs. We encourage all our participants to familiarize themselves with our Covid-19 FAQs so that we can keep providing safe, engaging programs throughout the season.

Register for our Pro D Day Camp

Registrations for our 7-hour Pro D Day camp on the 22nd of October is now open. This is a great opportunity for your child to experience gymnastcs through a day of fun activities and games. 

Read more about the camp here and reserve your spot now!

Active Kids Birthdays

If you would like celebrate your child's birthday with Active Kids, be sure to check out our birthday party information page here, and book your party on our calendar before timeslots fill up.

Sensitive Periods in Child Development

There are periods in your child's life where their bodies are optimized to develop certain skills such as strength or verbal communication, known as sensitive periods. 

This article touches upon the topic of sensitive periods and can help with setting realistic expectations for your child's growth.

Nutrition Tips From The School of Kinesiology

With the variety of candy going around, Hallowen can be a scary time for children with allergies. These tips can help make this October a little less daunting for you and your child.

Also, don't forget to kick off the month of spooks and scares by getting into the spirit of Halloween with these allergen friendly Frankenstein Kiwi Pops.

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