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IHC Webinar Series

Pain Management

Wednesday, Nov. 15/23 - 6:30 - 7:30 PM

Explore Solutions for Upper Extremity Pain: A Webinar on the Top 5 Causes and Therapeutic Options



Why Attend:

  • Gain insights into the latest treatments for osteoarthritis.
  • Learn about the pros and cons of different injection options.
  • Understand how bracing and physiotherapy can complement your treatment.
  • Get your questions answered by experienced healthcare professionals.
  • Connect with others in the osteoarthritis community.


Registration: To secure your spot, please register for the webinar here

Date: Wednesday - Nov. 15/23

Time: 6:30-7:30pm

Duration: 1 hour

Platform: Zoom Webinar

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Featured Service

Migraine IV Treatment - Now Available

- A Patient Testamonial - 

“I was blown away to receive your voicemail about the migraine IV being available. Thank you so much for making that happen. This is the first time that I have felt this kind of support in migraine treatment. It means the world to me.

What an incredible gift this will be to migraine sufferers. Going to ER for the migraine IV is horror. I have known many times that I needed to go, but just couldn't face the long wait, the noise/lights, and having to go through the history and scrutiny (all while in intense pain and nausea). Being able to attend IHC for this is like night and day!

I just wanted to write this email to tell you how incredibly grateful I am for you and for IHC for making this happen.”

Patient - Katie L.


IV Suite

"Rescue IVs" for Acute Ailments

The IHC team is excited to announce new “rescue IVs” for acute ailments. IV therapy is a way to administer medications quickly and safely to patients suffering from debilitating symptoms such as migraines, pain and nausea. Often these ailments coincide with decreased intake of vital nutrients and fluids. IV therapy can rehydrate, replace loss vitamins/minerals, and relieve debilitating symptoms in one effective treatment.

Ask your naturopathic doctor at IHC if IV therapy can help you.

If you are not already a patient at IHC, we encourage you to book a new patient visit to ensure an IV is the safest and most effective way to getting you feeling more like yourself. By addressing the root causes, we can work together to prevent these symptoms from recurring in the future, ensuring your well-being and vitality for years to come.

Don't wait to feel like yourself again – embrace the power of "Rescue IVs" and the holistic care at IHC today! Your journey to better health starts here. Reach out to us now and take the first step towards a brighter, healthier future.

Dr. Hilary Godin, ND


From the Cancer Care Centre

10 Year Observational Study Update

I have a very exciting announcement!

As patients of IHC, most of you are already aware of the cancer care center’s ongoing research efforts. What you may not know is that since we embarked on this research journey all efforts have been completely self-funded. We have engaged internal resources and external research professionals, but no financial support has been utilized. That approach has limitations and we have reached the point in our journey where funding is essential to taking next steps.

The Canadian Naturopathic Foundation (CNF), the non-profit arm of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors, is now accepting donations (and issuing tax receipts) specifically ear-marked for the Integrated Health Clinic & Dr. Gurdev Parmar Research Program. Our research program has already received several commitments for very kind and generous donations. These donations will be directed towards hiring a PhD researcher to lead program development, data extraction efforts, statistical analysis and ultimately publishing our 13 years of data.

We strongly believe that the research we have done to date is providing much needed evidence on the quality of life, symptom management, and survival benefits achievable with our care programs. Unique, cutting edge, and safe evidence guided treatments contribute to an integrated naturopathic approach in the management of advanced metastatic cancers including brain, breast, lung, prostate, colorectal, pancreatic, and ovarian. The data I have presented at international medical conferences has been very well received and has generated positive discussion in the integrative oncology space. But, there is so much more I want to do and in order to move forward in the manner cancer patients deserve, we need funding support!

The donors and CNF will receive regular updates on the progress of our ongoing research efforts. I will also provide regular updates through our monthly newsletter. For more information, please call us at 604-888-8325 or send an email to research@integratedhealthclinic.com.


Connect to Our Blog

Overcome the Winter Blues

Being a mom is a hard and often thankless job. Many mothers put themselves at the bottom of the priority list and their health takes a backseat to their mental load and various parenting obligations. Even if a mother does reach out to a health professional for help often their concerns are brushed off as a normal part of motherhood. However, this is not my view. I love treating aspiring, adoptive, pregnant, postpartum or empty-nest mothers and here are my top 5 reasons why!

Dr. Alyssa Fruson, ND

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In The News

Menopause Costs Canadians Billions Every Year

Menopause is multifaceted, having physical, mental, and emotional impacts on those who experience symptoms. A recent news story highlighted how these can result in major financial impacts, both at the level of the individual and the Canadian economy. The Menopause Foundation of Canada published a report estimating that unmanaged symptoms of menopause cost the Canadian economy $3.5 billion every year. This figure arises from lost productivity, lost days of work, and decreased work hours or leaving the workforce prematurely due to unmanaged menopause symptoms. At their peak earning potential, many women are making income concessions because of their symptoms.

Despite menopause being an expected life stage for women, 1 in 2 Canadian women stated they were unprepared, and almost all women reported menopausal symptoms (95%). Improving public health education, accessibility to services, and reducing stigma in the workplace will all be important factors to mitigate the economic burden of uncontrolled menopause symptoms. Receiving timely and effective health care to address bothersome symptoms will also be important. Interventions like hormone replacement therapy, pelvic floor physiotherapy, diet, and exercise, are all approaches that can support women during menopause and perimenopause, reduce symptoms, and prevent some of the long-term health implications.


For the full story, click here

Dr. Sarah Soles, ND


Doctor Favourite Receipes

Fat Bombs Snack


  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 1 cup almond butter, sunflower butter etc.
  • 3 tbsp cocoa
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tbsp sweetener (Stevia, honey, agave, monk fruit extract etc.)

Heat all the ingredients over the stove - pour into mini cupcake tins with liners or a silicone ice cube tray. Let cool in the fridge until hard. You can sprinkle nuts, fruits, seeds, sea salt, cacao nibs on top. Take out of the fridge and let sit for a few minutes and enjoy!

I love these because they are a great way to get your protein and fats in without the crash in the afternoon. They taste like healthy reese cups, and are so very yummy when you are craving sugar.

Dr. Jess Hobson, ND


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