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Please note that our offices will be closed from April 14th to April 18th, 2022 included. We will be back as of Tuesday, April 19th.

Wednesday, April 13th : 9 am to 5 pm
Thursday April 14th to Monday April 18th : CLOSED
Tuesday April 19th : 10 am to 8 pm

Day camp 2022- Registration until May 7th
The city of Brownsburg-Chatham's day camp is located at Roland-Cadieux Park (rue Aubin) and is managed by Les 4 Fers en l'air.


Free virtual conference | MRC d'Argenteuil
A conference entitled «J'adopte un mode de vie écoresponsable» hosted by «Organisation du Jour de la Terre» will take place on Tuesday, April 19th from noon to  1 pm.


Opening of the municipal campground - April 29th
Free access to the municipal beach and the boat ramp for residents.


Student job summer 2022
Balancing work and pleasure, it is possible. Send your resume to have a great summer!

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Winter parking regulation
Although the regulation states that street parking is prohibited between 11 pm and 7 am until April 15th, the weather forecast allows us to lift the ban now. So as of today, street parking is possible.

Closing of chemin Staynerville Ouest and montée Clark

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We all win by composting!

Go go go! You can do it!

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Dry materials sorting center

Centre de Tri d'Argenteuil

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Deposit of HHW

Complete list of accepted and rejected products.

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