August 2023

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Faculty News


Black Atlantic Studies Scholar Dr. Alycia Hall Joins UBC History

UBC History welcomes Dr. Alycia Hall, who specializes in the history of Jamaica, and in particular, the history of the Afro-descended Maroon communities which populate the mountainous regions of the island. Read the announcement to learn more about Hall's research and her current Fellowship at the Center for the Study of Slavery & Justice and John Carter Brown Library at Brown University.

Dr. Hall will begin her appointment as Assistant Professor at UBC History as of July 1, 2024.

Image via UBC Language Sciences.

UBC Language Sciences | The Possibility of Secular: Sikh Engagements with Modern Punjabi Literature: Q&A with Dr. Anne Murphy

In this Q&A with Language Sciences, UBC History's Dr. Anne Murphy speaks to modern Punjabi language and literature, its relation with Sikh religion, and the affinities between Sikh tradition and progressive thought.

New Faces Around the Department


Drs. Meghan Longstaffe and Jane Komori Join UBC History as 2023/2024 Postdoctoral Fellows

UBC History welcomes Drs. Meghan Longstaffe and Jane Komori as 2023/2024 Postdoctoral fellows. Dr. Jane Komori received her PhD in the History of Consciousness, with emphases in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies and Feminist Studies, from the University of California Santa Cruz. Her research theorizes the “settler ecology” of Western Canada from the 1850s through the Second World War. Dr. Meghan Longstaffe is an alumna of UBC History (MA, PhD). She works on histories of women, poverty, and activism in the late twentieth century, especially in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

Welcome, Drs. Komori and Longstaffe!

Student Opportunities

Shastri Student Research In Indian Fellowships (SSRIF)

The SSRIF Project provides a transformative educational experience, enhancing Canadian students' global knowledge and international research capabilities. SSRIFs are open to Canadian students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Recipients will undertake a 12-week research project in India under the supervision of Indian faculty members in their host Indian institutions in subject areas that they desire/require research experience.

Apply by September 30, 2023. For more information, contact Dr. Anne Murphy.


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