April 21, 2021



The Quebec aerospace industry newsletter
Aéro Montréal's mission is to mobilize stakeholders in Quebec’s aerospace ecosystem to support its global reach, innovation capacity and growth.
Message from the President

Dear members, dear partners,

On Monday, we held the 16th Annual General Meeting of Aéro Montréal. More than 210 of you attended the event and I would like to thank you. The day was full of good news for the industry.

First, we were pleased to announce that Fassi Kafyeke is joining the Aéro Montréal team as Project Manager for the development and deployment of the Innovation Zone. Fassi is currently Senior Advisor, Research, Innovation and Collaboration, at Bombardier and will be seconded for a period of two years in order to accelerate the process of creating the next Zone. This is a first for Aéro Montréal and the arrival of an expert in innovation will help to advance the way we tackle this decisive area for our sector. I would like to thank the Bombardier team who, by facilitating this secondment, will provide unprecedented support to the entire ecosystem over the next two years.

Decisive support for Québec’s aerospace industry

The Annual General Meeting was also an opportunity for Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation, to confirm the Québec government’s commitment to support the recovery of our sector.

Mr. Fitzgibbon announced a grant of nearly $48.65 million to the Coalition for Greener Aircraft. This financial contribution will support Les projets collaboratifs de l'aéronef de demain (future aircraft collaborative projects). In the long term, the results of these projects could be integrated into the development of new, more eco-efficient aircraft.

Under this initiative, prime contractors and equipment manufacturers in the sector will carry out, together with their respective partners, four collaborative projects that will mobilize SMEs, universities and government laboratories. The overall mobilization project will maintain and create 256 well-paying high technology jobs.

A dedicated budget to accelerate the recovery

At the end of the day, the federal government announced a $1.75 billion budget over seven years through the Strategic Innovation Fund. By making this massive investment, the government is stimulating the sector's creativity and encouraging the industry to accelerate its shift towards decarbonization. It is complementing this support with $250 million over three years for regional development agencies to implement a regional aerospace recovery initiative. The goal of this measure is to encourage small and medium-sized businesses to improve productivity, build marketing capacity and improve the energy efficiency of their operations and products.

I would like to commend the way the industry mobilized at the beginning of the crisis, quickly getting together to propose concrete solutions to government authorities that were adapted to the sector’s needs. We are now reaping the benefits of this collective effort. Thanks to these clear signals from governments, we can now look forward to a strong and sustainable recovery that will enable our aerospace industry to remain in the global race towards sustainable mobility.





Global Supply Chain Summit 2021 Aerospace


A Green and Inclusive Horizon for Tomorrow's Supply Chain

It is with great pleasure that we present two of our speakers who will participate in the Global Supply Chain Summit. We will reveal to you over the next few days the other panelists who will be with us. Don't miss two inspiring women sharing their vision of Quebec's green future on May 11: Sophie Brochu, President & CEO, Hydro-Québec and Hélène V. Gagnon, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Global Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility, CAE.




Industry news
The latest news about the Québec aerospace industry.



First A220 order in over a year


The airline industry continues to be hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the skies seem to be slowly clearing for the Airbus A220, which has just secured its first firm commercial aircraft order in more than a year.

  MORE (in French)  

Bombardier Celebrates Completion of 100th Global 7500 Business Jet Wing Manufactured in Texas

Bombardier announced that it is celebrating the completion of the 100th wing for its Global 7500 business jet, a significant milestone for the industry-leading aircraft and for the company’s facility in Red Oak, Texas, where the advanced wing is manufactured.


NATO Innovation Challenge

The space around our planet hosts a large amount of assets that ensure stable and comfortable human life on Earth. Thorough understanding and efficient management of these assets and other space objects is key to maintain stability and security on Earth.



Human resources
Stay abreast of the major succession and workforce challenges in aerospace.



Québec labour market – The situation is stabilizing

One year after the start of the pandemic, Québec is showing resilience with a limited decline in employment among the main group of workers (25-54 years old).By March 2021, health restrictions had been relaxed in several regions of Québec, allowing for an increase in employment (25,900 more jobs than in February 2021). The unemployment rate remained at 6.4%. For a second consecutive month, unemployment is at its lowest level since the beginning of the pandemic.
  MORE (in French)  

Government aid and the fiscal impact for the year 2020

Under the general application of the Tax Act, any financial assistance obtained in the form of a grant directly from a government, municipality or other public body will be taxable in the tax year in which the disbursement occurred.The amount derived from loans granted by governments is not taxable.





Hire an intern from ÉNA and benefit from a tax credit per internship


It's easy to find a replacement for a vacation or to fill in for a new employee! Don't wait: be among the 1st student internship postings! Summer 2021 internship programs:

  • Avionics Techniques
  • Aerospace Engineering Techniques

Internship program in the fall of 2021:

  • Aircraft maintenance techniques
  MORE (in French)  
Discover the program Career Ready

Companies can benefit from a wage subsidy for hiring students this summer.

Join Talusier LaSalle, Program Manager, for this webinar to learn about Technation's Career Ready wage subsidy program.

  MORE (in French)  


Aéro Montréal a le plaisir d’encourager E2 Adventures


Aéro Montréal is pleased to support E2 Adventures, a non-profit educational organization sponsored by Google and the Government of Quebec in their mission to offering virtual field trips to schools affected by the pandemic.

Many students are isolated due to the pandemic, on Earth day Algolux and Drone Box are opening their doors and inviting more than 900 high school students in Quebec and Ontario to a virtual tour where the next generation learns how their math, science and technology, languages and social studies classes apply to the workforce.

The theme Electric Vehicles and the Future of Transport demonstrates how Travelling from Point A to Point B has never been so exciting! With new inventions like self-driving cars and drones carrying emergency products over long distances, the world of tomorrow will be a new and interesting place. Explore how some of today’s movers and shakers are bringing this future to life!

Follow the link for a full description of the events www.e2adventures.com

Any company wishing to participate in the next virtual field trips are invited to contact Béatrice Perier Agostini by email at beatrice.perier.agostini@aeromontreal.ca.

More: www.stimendirect.com


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Can COVID-19 be considered a superior force (“force majeure”) lawfully limiting an employer’s obligations?

Since the start of pandemic, our courts have rendered a number of decisions regarding the impact of COVID-19 and whether it constitutes superior force (commonly known as “force majeure” ) for the purposes of limiting liability. In particular, we can think of numerous cases in real estate law, whereby lessees and owners looked to the courts for either relief or an order for payment after businesses were forced to shut down by government decree.




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Global Supply Chain Summit 2021 Aerospace



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