VOLUME 10 No. 10 | NOVEMBER 16, 2020

Compensation for the COVID premium

There is a possibility that some employers will stop paying the 4% COVID premium for days of leave for external union activities (10.03). However, the premium should be maintained when these days are used for internal union activities (10.10).

At its meeting on November 10, the executive committee decided that in order to prevent some people from being penalized, compensation will be provided to those who lose the COVID premium. If necessary, grievances will be filed with the employer. A form (in French) is available in the members-only section of the website, as well as a document providing complementary information.

Days of leave for union activities

Once you have exhausted your days of leave with pay for internal union activities (10.09), you are required (unless an exception applies) to use the bank of leave for external union activities (10.03) for your internal union activities until this bank, too, is depleted. Clause 10.10 of the collective agreement authorizes such use.

To use the bank of leave for external union activities, contact the secretary assigned to your institution, indicating the dates of the leave you are requesting. You will also need to indicate whether the request should be sent to the employer and if changes to previous union leave are required. The secretary will be able to tell you how many days of leave are still available under clause 10.03.

12 days of action to end violence against women

The annual 12-day campaign to end violence against women will take place from November 25 to December 6. The APTS campaign will focus on spousal abuse and its impact on the workplace. To reach as many people as possible, the campaign will chiefly run on social media. Actions and tools will be suggested: for instance, you can show your support through your Facebook profile picture or a background for Zoom meetings, and raise awareness around you by posting daily stories. For more details, see the Actions automne 2020 document under Outils/Documents par secteur/Action féministe/Responsables locales.

The Intersyndicale des femmes is inviting people who carry out union duties within member organizations (APTS, CSD, CSQ, FAE, FIQ, SFPQ, SPGQ) to listen to a talk on spousal violence and its impact on the workplace. Register now.

Ordering promotional tools for March 8

It’s time to place your orders for promotional tools (poster, sticker and pin) for the 2021 edition of International Women’s Rights Day. December 4 is the deadline for sending us your order. You’ll find the order form, and a message from the Collectif 8 mars (in French) with this year’s slogan, in the members-only section of the website under Outils/Documents par secteur/Action féministe/Documents du 8 mars. Don’t miss this opportunity to make people around you aware of a major day in the feminist calendar!

Conditions of practice of local elected officers

The committee on the conditions of practice of local elected officers has begun its work and is looking for detailed information on some aspects of union work. We will be asking for your input through a survey in early December. Our goal is to identify the elements that we need to work on so that we can provide appropriate and attractive conditions of practice. This survey is the first step of a consultation that will help us suggest solutions. Local teams will be kept informed on a regular basis, chiefly through upcoming General Councils.