This week we focus on the importance of listening, with an emphasis on active listening. It only matters what we say if people are listening to hear it. Likewise, you cannot truly hear your students without listening. These curated resources will get you started on increasing your and your student's listening skills.

The first resources is a TEDx Talk about the importance of listening. While this talk is not explicitly about education, it contextualizes the importance of listening and has many transferable concepts.

The second and third resouces both discuss active listening in the context of the classroom. The second has an emphasis on teaching your students active listening, while the third also includes information on your own active listening skills.

With better listening skills we can all feel a bit more connected.


  1. William Ury TEDx Talk: The Power of Listening
  2. Resource: 5 Active Listening Strategies That Work
  3. Resource: A Guide to Active Listening Skills in Education

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